Maybe Apple has started to feel some guilt about its involvement in planned obsolescence, or maybe this is just a really good Boxing Day Deal... but either way, until January 4th, Apple is allowing Canadians to trade in their old iPhones for a discount on a new iPhone.

The trade comes with and instant credit that means you can save up to $380 on a new iPhone.

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TL;DR Trade in your old iPhone and receieve a discount on a newer iPhone at the Apple Store only until January 4th. More details below!

If you already have an iPhone (and chances are you do) this deal is perfect if you've ever cracked the screen or ruined your home button with a spill. Now a new iPhone might actually be possible.

Not only do you get an upgrade, you also get a discount on your new iPhone XS or XR.

This is only available in-store, so you'll have to check out the participating Apple Stores here, and see if there is one close to you. 

The fine print doesn't say anything about which iPhones are acceptable, only, that, "trade-in values vary based on the condition, year and configuration of your trade-in device." So if you've got an old iPhone 4 hanging around, it might not be worth anything.

Redflagdeals.com, however, took the time to break down the new prices for the XR and the XS after trade.

Based on that information, it looks like your used iPhone 6 is worth $150, the 6 Plus is worth $200, the 6S is worth $230, the 7 is $250 and the 7 Plus will get you a $380 credit for an upgrade.

You also can't trade in for the credit but not use it right away — the trade-in, upgrade and discount all need to happen in order for you to cash in on this great deal.

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When you head to the Apple store, be sure to have government-issued ID with you. They will likely be keeping track of these trades so that some guy on Craigslist doesn't take advantage of the whole deal.

This deal is 18+ so bring a parental unit if you're not of age yet.



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