If you're a young apartment-dweller, there are good chances that 90% of what is in your apartment is IKEA. IKEA bed? Check. IKEA coffee table? Check. IKEA dog? I heard they're working on it.

The build-it-yourself ethos, which has led to many a breakup, makes IKEA way cheaper than many other brands out there.

Chances are that you'll be moving in the next few months, and you're looking for new furniture to fill your apartment with. If this is the case, I've got some good news for you: IKEA is having a massive springtime sale on armchairs and sofas.

Here are some of their best offers.

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TL;DR Ikea is having a 25% sale on its armchairs and sofas, as well as 50% off select products. Here are some of their best offers.

Bryggja Storage Unit

  • Sale Price: $99
  • Original Price: $279

Buy it here.

The Vedbo Armchair

  • Sale Price: $149
  • Original Price: $199

Buy it here.

Kivik Sofa With Chaise

  • Sale Price: $729
  • Original Price: $949

Buy it here.

Tingby Table

  • Sale Price: $149
  • Original Price: $249 

Buy it here.

Kivik Sofa

  • Sale Price: $599
  • Original Price: $699

Buy it here.

Friheten Sofa-Bed

  • Sale Price: $599
  • Original Price: $699

Buy it here.

Ekerö Armchair

  • Sale Price: $149
  • Original Price: $269

Buy it here.

Ekebol Sofa

  • Sale Price: $449
  • Original Price: $599

Buy it here.

Rickarum Lamp

  • Sale Price: $29.99
  • Original Price: $69.99

Buy it here.

Eket Storage Unit

  • Sale Price: $60
  • Original Price: $100

Buy it here.

Agen Armchair

  • Sale Price: $39.99
  • Original Price: $49.99

Hope this list helps all of you who are moving into tiny apartments!

Finding apartments this year is going to be harder than ever because of a shortage of rental units, so consider yourself lucky if you've found a new apartment.

And if you haven't found somewhere to move, maybe try sprucing up your place with some new furniture instead!

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