You've probably finally taken out your summer clothes, and realised that a lot of your pieces are either the wrong size, the wrong style, or that you're just plain bored of your wardrobe.

Renewing your wardrobe can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. If you're looking for savings, I am happy to announce that Ardène is having its annual summer sale very soon.

The sale, which takes place at a warehouse, is almost unbelievable: all items are $5 and under. That means that you can buy new bikinis, t-shirts, accessories and jewellery for almost nothing.

The sale will be taking place between July 3 and July 28. If the sale is anything like last year's it won't just be pieces that no one wanted to buy.

Just take a look at these photos of the warehouse sale:

Pyjamas, shoes and bathing suits of all sizes will be on sale for less than $5. For context, that's less than you'd spend at Starbucks on a Frappuccino.

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Last year, the sale included flip flops, hats and belts for $1, bags, sandals and slippers for $2, and high heels, sneakers, bathing suits, leggings and pyjamas for $3.

They also had purses, t-shirts, skirts and shorts for $4 and boots, dresses and more for $5.

The sale will take place in a re-purposed Lowblaws in Ville Saint-Laurent. You know it's a good sale when they can fill an entire grocery store with discounted items.

Narcity Québec spoke to Ardène and, though they couldn't confirm what items would be at what price point, they did say that items would be similarly priced to last year. All items are still under $5. 

What: An Ardène warehouse sale where everything is under $5

Where: 300 av. Sainte-Croix, Ville St-Laurent

When: Wednesday, July 3rd - Sunday, July 28th from 12PM to 8PM

For more information, head to the Facebook event page.

Read the original Narcity Québec article here.

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