We all remember pi (otherwise known as π), right? That little squiggle is emblazoned in our memory from those traumatizing math classes. In case you did actually forget, pi is the infinitely-long value (3.14...) used to calculate the area of a circle. Though, for most of us, the days of pi's usefulness are, thankfully, far behind us, we still get to capitalize on all the deals that roll around each year on Pi Day, March 14th (3/14).

One deal this year is especially exciting. To celebrate the occassion, Pizza Pizza is selling small cheese or pepperoni pizzas for just $3.14 across Canada!  

According to a Pizza Pizza Twitter post, customers can only take advantage of the promotion by ordering in-store between 11:00AM and 3:14PM and there is a limit of one pie per customer.

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TL;DR Pizza Pizza is sellng small cheese or pepperoni pizzas for just $3.14 to celebrate Pi day. Customers must order in-store. There is a limit of one pizza per customer.

Take advantage of this deal and treat yourself to a personal pizza pie for surviving the widespread Facebook and Instagram outage today.

Another sweet deal is just around the corner! This April 9th is Free Cone Day, when Ben & Jerry's will be giving away free scoops of ice cream all day across North America.

@benandjerrysembedded via  

This is just the thing we need to get us through these last few weeks of winter. Then to work off those calories, we have Montreal's new public electric scooter sharing program to look forward to this summer!

Happy eating, Canada!


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