It's officially the last few days you have left to finish up any present shopping you still have to do. As the time runs out, you might be panicking over what to get for more distant relatives or even family members you just don't know much about.

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TL;DR Playstation Canada is having a holiday sale with popular PS4 games up to 70% off. The sale lasts until December 25 at 8AM. More details are below.

That's where the giant sales come in. They take some of that stress away from you and help you navigate what you can get said person without actually breaking the bank to impress them. Seriously, holiday sales are a lifesaver.

That's why it's so relieving that Playstation Canada is currently having an insane sale with up to 70% off on popular games. This is definitely a perfect gift for anyone who owns a PS4, so what are you waiting for?!

The sale lasts until December 25 at 8AM, meaning you don't have much time left. Just to give you an idea of what games you're able to get for unbelievably cheap prices, here's just a small list of what's included in the sale:

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There are hundreds of more games with knocked down prices you don't want to miss buying while you can! These exclusive deals can definitely help you buy the best present ever for someone desperate for these games.

For more information on Playstation's holiday sale, click HERE.


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