There's no doubt that this is the season for travel. Whether you're planning a trip to visit family for the holidays or looking to take a mini-vacation, most of us will be in the middle of a chaotic travel plan come next month.

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TL;DR VIA Rail Canada is offering a massive Black Friday sale with deals up to 40% on multiple packages. The sale lasts until Monday, November 26. More details below.

For those of us travelling within the country, you're most likely going to be using VIA Rail.

The trains are an amazing mode of transportation, but ticket prices can seriously add up, especially if you travel throughout the country often. Even economy seating can be pretty pricey.

Well, we're definitely in luck, because today is Black Friday. What other day would be the perfect opportunity for VIA Rail to offer unbelievable deals on tons of passes? Thankfully, they've taken full advantage of the special occasion.

In celebration of Black Friday, VIA Rail is offering these travel passes at up to 40% off:

@viarailcanadaembedded via  

You can also take advantage of these offers at 10% off:

  • 10% off Business Class
  • 10% off a selection of the lowest fares

The sale lasts until Monday, November 26, so you don't have much time left to get these unbeatable deals. Make holiday travelling this year just a little bit easier on your bank account!

For more information you can visit the VIA Rail website HERE.


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