This Saturday, May 17th, is International Restaurant Day, and Montreal is celebrating in full force.

A global event, Restaurant Day is held in over 27 countries, all with the same premise: create a pop-up restaurant for a single day.

Anyone can participate and live their restaurant-owner dreams, and more than a few Montrealers are taking part.

Here are the participating eateries of Montreal's Restaurant Day. 

* Un ti-bécot*

6904 Viau Street

  • Get some sweet treats like cupcakes, cheesecakes, muffins.

La Belle Provence

Sherbrooke & Jeanne-Mance

  • Not the classic MTL-eatery but will be serving some traditional Quebecois cuisine, all on a beautiful terrasse.

Tacos Mamacitas

4089 Laval

  • In this back alley you can get some authentic Mexican, like tacos, quesadillas and home made salsa. Bringing your own beer fine too!

Sweet resto!

4329 St. Denis

  • Head to the third floor for some "Rimouski heat."

Mélange des cultures

4434 St. Denis

  • Two roommates are incorporating a mix of cuisines, from Chinese to Italian, for their delicious dishes.

The MTL kitchen collective

5359 Esplanade

  • Grab a light Saturday lunch of beet burgers on Portuguese buns and homemade iced tea, perfect for vegetarians/vegans.

Chez Chaud

6217 Henri Julien

  • Burgers of all sorts will be served (beef, mushroom, egg) with all the fixings and with some wine on the side for drankin'.

Limonade LEMO Lemonade

6638 Clark

  • Enjoy some cooling lemonade and LEMO-creations at the park at St. Zotique and Clark.

Délices dans la ruelle

6016 Saint Urbain 

  • Zesty vegetarian dishes and a live DJ await you.

Tard Tard chez Frank

2677 Holt

  • Signature meat, fish, and shellfish tartars by Frank. RSVP w/ to get a spot


7426 Berri

  • Japanese, Indian, French-Mexican and Mexican cuisines at the low price of only $2-$5.

Outdoorable Table

6302 Casgrain

  • Bring a bottle of your drink of choice and enjoy good food and some good jazz too.

Cuisine Exotique

5450 Dudemaine

  • Tasty appetizers for all, and grilled chicken skewers with potato gratin and Senegalese rice for those staying for dinner.

Where will you be eating?

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