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It’s been a long week. Whether it’s because of school or work, sometimes all you want to do is be at home, in your favorite baggy sweatpants, holey white t-shirt watching Harvey Specter do all the work in a great suit. The last thing you want to do is dress up and socialize. Have no fear because your perfect night in can get all the more comforting when the best that Montreal has to offer can come straight to your door! That’s right, get ready to be a glutton with a fork in one hand and a remote in the other with these 10 best of restaurants you probably didn’t know delivered.


115 Rue Rachel Est. Montreal, QC H2W1C8
More than a local favourite, most people would agree Romados is the synonym for Portuguese chicken. Definitely should feature on a few top 10 best of lists if you ask anyone. If you’ve ever eaten here you could close your eyes at any time and conjure in your mind the succulent sweet heavenly taste of the chicken paired with its spicy sauce. Now wherever you are and whomever you are with you can enjoy this god sent delicacy. Facebook Page

Photo cred- Dinette Triple Crown

Dinette Triple Crown

6704 Rue Clark Montreal, QC H2S3G2
It has quickly become a destination spot in the Mile End. Colin Perry is serving up his native Kentucky on the comfort of your own home. Be prepared because it truly is finger lickin’ gud. I mean who could go wrong with shakey-bakey, Cajun spiced fried chicken? Step aside KFC this is as real as it gets. Facebook Page

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Qing Hua

1676 Ave Lincoln Montreal, QC H3H
After learning that your favourite place to get dumplings delivers, you’re probably going to want to get on the phone. Welcome to the Dumpling Emporium. They specialize in Dalian-style dumplings, a city in northeast China meaning “riverside”. They come in orders of 15 and you can ask for steamed or fried (You can mix and match two differently filled dumplings for $0.50 more). Facebook Page


2020 Rue Crescent Montreal, QC H3G2B8
That’s right folks, this cultural culinary heritage spot delivers. Your world will never be the same. This Lebanese pizza parlor-style eatery has never been known for its atmosphere, but it doesn’t matter when the food tastes so good. So why bother being surrounded by drunks when you can enjoy comfort food in the comfort of, well, your own home. Falafel anytime, anyplace! Facebook Page


4088 Rue Saint-Denis Montreal, QC H2W2M5
Whether you’re vegetarian or not, this place welcomes anyone with a growing appetite. So if you care to do faux chez vous then definitely give them un coup de fil. The chef just believes in eating healthy by eating less meat. So this might be a good way to introduce it to your everyday life! Facebook Page


1450 Rue Crescent Montreal, QC H3G2B6
Located smack in the middle of rue Crescent's bar-hopping scene is this Indian restaurant. But if you want to avoid the crowd then why not order to go? everyone needs a go to Indian restaurant and Devi definitely will serve up a storm. Facebook Page

Luca e Franco Osteria

3443 Rue St Denis Montreal, QC H2X3L1
What kind of best of list would this be if it didn’t feature a few great takeout pizza places? It’s the quintessential delivery dish. Thin crust pizza from the oven to your door. A range of options and really you can’t go wrong! Facebook Page

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Tay Dô

300 Ave Duluth E Montréal, QC H2W1H9
Affordable Thai/Vietnamese food that delivers? No, we don’t have to pinch you. It’s true! Can’t go wrong with any of their combo plates. Crispy noodles never felt so right than when you get to truly pig out while you’re in your pjs! Facebook Page

Lola Rosa Café

545 Rue Milton Montreal, QC H2X1W5
This place has been welcoming students for many semesters. Small and inviting it is a great place to dine, but every student knows that if you’ve gone more than 3 days without taking a shower you should avoid all public places. So if you want to continue to hit the books or use them as place mats for dinner, Lola is ready when you are. A+ for their delectable dishes with a vegetarian twist! Facebook Page

Il Focolaio

1223 Carre Phillips Montreal, QC H3B3H3
If you call yourself a pizza enthusiast and have never eaten here, you’re a fraud. This authentic Italian pizzeria cooks their pizzas in a Maplewood oven. They have 75 different types of pizza so they can cater to anyone’s needs. If you order more than one from home no one will ever be the wiser, right? Facebook Page Did we miss any that you’d recommend? Let us know! Written by Amanda Fulginiti, see more of her work here or here.
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