Montreal's West Island was and is the center of English-speaking Quebec. Historically this English "half" was actually the farmland of French-speaking people until the 1950s and 60s. The result of this glorious cultural "smooch-ifying" is the West Island we know and love today. It is a place of eclectic design, with both French and British influences, and buildings from every era. The West Island, apart from having large suburban development (strip malls, highways, etc.) features huge green spaces, lakes, rivers, trails, nature reserves, golf courses, beaches, museums, and more. There's lots to do on the shores and in the restaurants and shops of Lake Saint-Louis. Here's some of our favorite places to hang out and grab a cold one if you're from West Island or just there for some outdoor fun and maybe outlet shopping.

Cunningham's Pub

75 rue St.-Anne
Cunningham's Pub in Hudson was featured on MTLblog before for amazing hot wings, cold beer, and a sunny terrace. Cunningham's deservedly makes this list for being a premier spot in the West Island too. Try the quesadillas, beef and kidney pie, and seasonal specials!

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The Pioneer (a.k.a. Clydes)

286 Ch Du Bord-Du-Lac Lakeshore

The Pioneer formally known as Clydes, has made MTLblog's lists before for phenomenal chicken wings. The Pioneer remains a great young locals spot for drinks, wing night, and live music. -- An institution from some of our team members' halcyon days as well ;).

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981 Boul. St.-Jean
This Pointe-Claire restaurant is a great choice for a night in the West Island. The menu is eclectic enough for everyone's tastes. Some dishes include roast beef sandwiches, sliders, lamb kabobs, pizza, and dumplings. There's also a great full bar, lots of beers on tap, countless vodkas, and quality classic cocktails.

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