Friends, if you haven't already guessed it by now, then I'll just come straight out and say it: I'm a foodie. It's fine, though. In the immortal words of Julia Child, "People who love to eat are always the best people." And, judging by my Instagram, I think it's safe to say that I'm good people.

As someone who takes an avid interest in food, you could imagine that I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the foodie scene. Okay, actually, I obsessively follow a bunch of foodies on Instagram, because this is what I love to do in life. But luckily for you, fellow foodie friends, I've found 10 of the best. Read on for 10 Montreal Foodies To Follow On Instagram Right Now.

A photo posted by Yoan Wiking (@yoan_w) on

1. @yoan_w

This foodie goes to the best restaurants, and takes the best photos. Honestly, if you weren't hungry before looking at all the mouthwatering pictures on his Instagram - prepare for a hunger attack.

A photo posted by Pshakaveli (@pshakaveli) on

2. @pshakaveli

In his bio, @pshakaveli describes himself as a "foodporn specialist" - and trust, he's not wrong. The pictures he features on his page always look so delicious that you might catch yourself licking your screen. Wait, just me? Okay, just me.

A photo posted by Foodiesparc ? (@foodiesparc) on

3. @foodiesparc

Okay, first of all, let me just say that that pizza in that picture looks so delicious, that I just might cry. Actually, all of @foodiesparc's pictures have that effect on me. Don't worry, friends. They're tears of happiness. Longing and happiness.

A photo posted by Priscilla Leong (@zanagasy) on

4. @zanagasy

I think it's safe to say that @zanagasy has found the formula for turning food into art. Seriously, if you're one of those foodies who also happen to love beautiful pictures, then this Instagram account will put a big, huge smile on your face. And probably a rumble in your stomach.

A photo posted by @sandiyoussef_ on

5. @sandiyoussef_

In all honesty, the only word that comes to mind while browsing @sandiyoussef_'s photos is this: yum. A lot of the pictures on @sandiyoussef_'s account are of delicious, creamy-looking waffles, too. So, you know. Prepare to drool.

6. @shutupandeatmtl

Probably the quintessential Montreal foodiegram, @shutupandeatmtl's pictures will turn you into the *heavy breathing* cat in a matter of seconds. Seriously, take a scroll through his pictures - and then get back to me.

7. @kerrie_ahern

The mastermind behind P'tite Cuisine, most of the pictures on @kerrie_ahern's account are of her own food. I'll repeat that: the delicious photos you see? Of drool-worthy dumplings, succulent steam buns, and gorgeous gnocchi? She cooked them. Herself. Wrap your head around that, and go check out her delicious pictures. ASAP.

A photo posted by LuvMtlFood (@luvmtlfood) on

8. @luvmtlfood

For those of us who love photography just as much as we love food, @luvmtlfood's Instagram account is a literal blessing. Not only are these pictures gorgeous, but the food that @luvmtlfood posts? Omg. Just... omg.

A photo posted by EATINGMTL (@eatingmtl) on

9. @eatingmtl

Have you ever literally cried while looking at pictures of food? Yeah, that might happen to you while checking out @eatingmtl's foodiegrams.

A photo posted by On Déjeune (@ondejeune) on

10. @ondejeune

Love breakfast? Of course you do. And luckily, @ondejeune pretty much posts breakfast pics exclusively. But not just any breakfast pics, friends: photos of breakfasts that look so delicious and so beautiful that you'll literally start craving it, even if you're browsing these pictures at midnight. Although, sidenote: any time of day is the perfect time for breakfast.

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