Hands up if you've ever gotten really excited to go somewhere, whether it was a restaurant, bar, or ice cream shop, planned your time wisely, and arrived only to find a massive line so disheartening, it crushed your food-inspired dreams in mere moments.

While nothing can crush good vibes like a never-ending lineup, the truth is, sometimes it is absolutely worth it to grit your teeth, and wait it out.

Your time is precious, so luckily, we've narrowed down the places that are truly worthy of your commitment when you encounter a winding-around-the-block lineup. So, rest assured that the delights at these Montreal spots will make you forget the distant pain of waiting in line.

9. Ma Pouille Mouillee

Where: 969 Rachel St E

Why you should go: This spot has quickly gained popularity because - well, you don't need to look much further than the picture above. Delicious classic poutine with even more delicious Portuguese chicken on top. I'm officially in love.


8. La Banquise

Where: 994 Rue Rachel E

Why you should go: La Banquise is a little piece of Montreal. The line-up is always very intimidating, and considering that it's open 24/7 it's surprising that the line is consistently long. But - it moves fast and is 100% worth the wait. This is considered by many to be THE BEST poutine in Montreal. They definitely have the most variety.


7. Kem CoBa

Where: 60 Av Fairmont

Why you should go: Kem CoBa is the talk of the town. This Mile-End spot always has a line wrapped around the block, simply because of their amazing home-made and delicious ice cream. With unique flavors you've never even heard of before, this one is going to leave an impression.


6. Lawrence

Where: 5201 Saint-Laurent

Why you should go: With a rustic, modern, and very Montreal interior - this cozy Mile-End spot always has a line-up, especially during brunch hour. Known for their meat and unique menu, it's totally worth the wait.


5. Pizzeria Napoletana

Where: 189 Rue Dante

Why you should go: This is the epidemy of comfort food. Classic and decadent pizzas and pasta in a simple and casual environment. Oh, and it's BYOW.  No wonder the line-up is long. Again, it moves fast and is 100% worth it.


4. Faberge

Where 25 Avenue Fairmount O

Why you should go:  This mile-end spot has the kinda classic brunch that you always end up falling back on when your crew can't decide where to brunch. It's the classic at their best, and nothing more. The environment is also fun and lively, adding a little spice to the traditional brunch routine.


3. La Distillerie

Where: multiple locations

Why you should go:  This Montreal specialty cocktail bar has a couple locations and all of them you can expect a line-up on prime nights like Friday and Saturday. The cocktails are delicious, reasonable prices, and strong AF. It's a great "no fail" spot when going out on a date too.


2. Fairmount Bagel

Where: 74 Fairmont West

Why you should go:  The line up for this place moves really fast because it's not really a restaurant, just a spot to pick up your bagels and go. The bagels are seriously a little piece of heaven. Everything you thought you knew about bagels will absolutely be shattered after bitting into one of these fluffy pieces of heaven. So good, you don't even need a spread.


1. Kazu

Where: 1862 Saint-Catherine West

Why you should go: Since the very first day it opened, Kazu has consistently seen a line-up outside its doors every night. And not just on popular nights like Thursdays and Fridays. Every. Single. Day.  The restaurant only has a few seats, which contributes to the line-up, but the food is incredible and most definitely worth the hype and wait.



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