The West Island is a relatively cool place to hang out. It might not be recognized as such, however there are certain aspects of the west that allows to it be somewhere Montreal city folk are somewhat curious about. Perhaps a majority of you out there have yet to venture out to the suburbs but have always wondered what it would be like. The suburbs may be talked about as a desolate waste of space that no one should even bother checking out. Over the years this has become a complete falsity the West Island is booming with places to check out that can even compete with some of the coolest restaurants of the plateau. Maybe most hipsters would disagree, but don't knock it until you try it.

 1. Twist And Cream

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11898 Gouin O

A quaint ice cream place located in Pierrefonds, only open in the summer as it is outside. Fully equipped with an abundance of tables to enjoy your treats. They have the best soft ice cream, and their take on the DQ blizzard known as the blazer is definitely worth a try. The atmosphere is extremely cozy and adds a little taste of home, a sense of comfort and happiness has been known to take over when enjoying a little twisties on a warm summer eve.


Casey M

2. La Roulotte

10 Rue Paiement

An awesome Casse Croûte style place, that has been around for over 45 years. They definitely know what they are doing and it shows in the food that they produce. It's inexpensive and mouth wateringly delicious. If you don't already hit this place up at least once a week you absolutely need to give it a chance.


3. Les 3 Maria

4886a Boulevard Des Sources

The go to place for Portuguese food in the West Island. The chicken is cooked on a charcoal grill before your eyes and everything in this place is a small taste of heaven. Even if you aren't nearby it is worth the trip. The portions are large and extremely well priced! The owner is super accomodating and attentive to all his customers. Wonderful place.


4. Gigi Pizza

302 Lakeshore
Known as a West Island classic located in Pointe Claire Village this is a go to place for pizza and subs. It's very modest atmosphere allows for a super relaxed and friendly vibe. Mostly take outs, you also have the option for a sit down meal but it can get rather squishy. None the less the food makes it all worthwhile, definitely top notch.


 5. Vivaldi's

3071 Boulevard Gouin Ouest

Authentic Italian combined with BYOB this place has it all. The food is amazing and the service is perfect, a classier vibe feel free to dress up. Known not only for the pasta and pizza but the grilled octopus is to die. The outside can be deceiving, but once inside your sense of uncertainty will automatically shift to excitement and ease.


6. MooSoo Sushi

4059 Boul. St-Jean

Fresh and quality is what comes to mind when discussing Moosoo sushi. All their sauces are prepared in house and with all natural ingredients. Every dish is prepared to order, ensuring that all dishes are carefully perfected. It's a small place which means good customer client relations. They are always trying new things, extremely innovative.


7. Wild Willy's

20 Cartier

A childhood favorite Wild Willy's is located in the heart of Pointe Claire Village. People literally wait all year for this place to open, and when it does you know summer has officially begun! It is always an exciting time getting to choose your flavor of homemade ice cream that is so uproariously delicious i cant even convey it into words. You probably live under a rock if you haven't been on a date here at least once. It is right by the water and makes for a super romantic atmosphere while scarfing down awesome ice cream.

Wild Willy's

9. La Porte Grecque

4600 Boulevard des Sources

Not only is this gem rich with history as the building is actually quite historical but it is also rich with Greek flavors.  Another bring your own wine (West Islanders like to drink) it has such an at home feel with an upstairs that can accommodate lager groups. Great for all your party throwing needs. The food is actually so delicious if you are looking for something more authentic and less fast paced this is the place to go. For a decent price indulge in some Greek goodness. Not to mention they have the most adorable terasse in the summer, it really makes you feel like you have been transported to Greece for an evening.


10.  Bistro Merlot

3541 Blvd. St. Charles

Bistro Merlot is a family owned restaurant in the West Island that a lot of people don't yet know about. However it is on it's way up, with it's new location and constant updates to the menu it is bound to make a huge impact on the West Island scene of events sometime soon. Well priced and delicious food you absolutely cannot go wrong. Ladies night is every wednesday, definitely worth a try. You are sure to go back, more than once!


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