As I'm sure we all know, Montreal's food scene is seriously legit. There are new spots opening up all the time; and most of the time, they're fantastic.

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But what about all the spots that have been around in Montreal forever? Those restaurants are highkey great, too; some of them, though, are more than great. They're amazing!

You thought Beauty's was good, but it's actually amazing

93 Mont-Royal Ave W

Why it's good: Tasty and filling breakfast/brunch in a super cute and oldschool setting? Sign me TF up!

Why it's amazing: The sheer amount of time that Beauty's has been around for should be a testament to how truly awesome this Mile End spot is. If that doesn't convince you, try their Beauty's Special. I don't know why, but the classic bagel and lox just tastes so delicious coming from here.


You thought Montreal Pool Room was good, but it's actually amazing

1217 St Laurent Blvd

Why it's good: Steamies and poutines served up 'til late (or early?) on Montreal's Main sounds like a pretty good time to me.

Why it's amazing: Over 100 years old, this steamie and poutine haunt is not messing around. They'll make your junk food experience extra special, especially due to their highkey delicious ingredients (that poutine is what dreams are made of, TBH).


You thought Marven's was good, but it's actually amazing

880 Avenue Ball

Why it's good: A super varied menu and cozy decor makes this Parc-Ex spot a favourite for a vast number of Montrealers.

Why it's amazing: Come for the Greek delights, stay for the... everything, basically. The food here is awesome; especially their steak (cooked to perfecrtion) and their thick, perfectly fried calamari.


You thought Moishes was good, but it's actually amazing

Why it's good: If you're looking for an awesome, oldschool steakhouse in Montreal, look no further. This spot's been around for ages, and it's no question as to why.

Why it's amazing: With pretty much some of the best meat you'll ever taste, plus a super chill vibe, awesome decor, and reduced price late-night menu, Moishe's is highkey awesome.


You thought Chalet Bar-B-Q was good, but it's actually amazing

5456 Sherbrooke St W

Why it's good: Barbecued chicken in the heart of NDG? Good!

Why it's amazing: Chicken barbecued to perfection in the heart of NDG? Amazing! This spot has been around forever, and their crisp, juicy chicken is a testament to exactly why. Bonus points for their sides, which are equally mindblowing.


You thought Pizzeria Napoletana was good, but it's actually amazing

189 Rue Dante

Why it's good: Authentic Italian thin-crust pizza, plus pastas and other goodies, for super inexpensive? Um. Yes. Please.

Why it's amazing: Honestly, this spot has been around forever, and it's no question as to why. Tons of pizza choices, all more delicious than the last, plus a BYOB option in the heart of Little Italy elevate this spot from great to freaking amazing.


You thought Snowdon Deli was good, but it's actually amazing

5265 Decarie Blvd

Why it's good: This spot is home to some serioualy authentic deli food, like smoked meat, matzo ball soup, and latkes.

Why it's amazing: The food here is just above and beyond tasty; plus, having been around for so long, it's pretty much a soft spot in the heart of many, many Montrealers.


You thought Greenspot was good, but it's actually amazing

3041 Notre-Dame St W

Why it's good: An oldschool deli in St. Henri known for their beyond delicious poutines and breakfast food, for super fair prices? Always good, friends. Always good.

Why it's amazing: I don't know how to describe this spot except for: straight-up awesome. The vibe is welcoming, the prices are fair, and the food is so, so fresh and tasty.


You thought Lester's Deli was good, but it's actually amazing

1057 Bernard Ave

Why it's good: Although Montreal-style smoked meat is good basically anywhere you'll have it, this Outremont spot serves up smoked meat that seems to be just a cut above all the rest.

Why it's amazing: Honestly, the juicy, thick cut smoked meat really is awesome; but other than that super key factor, the incredibly welcoming and laid-back vibes at this spot are. Literal. Life.


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