I know I'm not alone when I say cheesecake is one of the best desserts you could ever have. It can be dense and creamy, or it can be light and fluffy and everything in between. They all start with a buttery graham cracker base and a cream cheese filling, but each bakery can make their own twist on it.

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If you're a cheesecake lover that's been scouring the city for the best cheesecakes, then I'm here to help you out. Here's a list of the most amazing cheesecakes this city has to offer! Don't feel guilty about indulging in these desserts.

1. Sophie Sucrée

167 Ave des Pins E

If you're looking for a classic cheesecake with a delicious twist, then Sophie Sucrée has got you covered. They make their classic cake into a cute square and top it with caramel and hazelnuts! They're seriously delicious and super popular. Bonus  is that they're vegan, along with all of the other desserts in this bakery.

2. Boulangerie Premiere Moisson

333 Rue Prince Arthur O

Definitely one of the best cheesecakes Montreal has to offer. They make their cheesecakes with a classic crumbly graham cracker base, cream cheese and sour cream for their soft centre and they top it with a pile of fresh fruits! Another amazing staple of this bakery is their raspberry pistachio croissant and it's out of this world!

3. Boulangerie Cheskie


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359 Rue Bernard O

A Jewish bakery which makes amazing kosher pastries! They make a unique version cheese cake called a 'cheese crown' which is essentially a cheese cake pie. They also make a cheese marble swirl cake. If that doesn't sell you on this place, then I don't know what will! This bakery has so many other options if you want to bring a non-cheesecake lover with you.

4. Patisserie Rhubarbe

5091 Rue de Lanaudière

This Montreal Patisserie makes impeccable desserts, you can just tell from the picture above. They're insanely beautiful, and not only that, they're delicious too! Their cheesecake is no exception, it's a classic cheesecake with poached quinces and pine nuts, delish!

On weekend this cute little spot offers brunch as well. So stop of an early Saturday brunch and leave with a delicious cheesecake for after dinner dessert.

5. M Café

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1458 Rue de la Montagne

This is a classic restaurant here in Montreal. They have everything from brunch meals, sandwiches, to dinner meals, and of course dessert! The desserts at this cafe/restaurant are unreal. Their cheesecake is so delicious, it's a carrot, caramel cheesecake and it's definitely a crowd favourite. They also make some impeccable macarons if you're looking for some dessert variety!

6. D Liche Cupcakes


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3964 Rue St Denis

Okay, I know these are cupcakes and you came here looking for cheesecakes but trust me, you won't be disappointed at this place. They have a cheesecake flavoured cupcake and it's honestly to die for! With so many amazing and unique flavours to choose from, like strawberry champagne, key lime and triple chocolate, you'll impress anyone if you bring them to this spot!

7. Rockaberry

1810 Boulevard Saint-Martin O

There are almost no words for how amazing the cakes are at this place. They have so many options for cheesecake it's a little bit insane. Some examples are their Oreo Cheesecake, Blueberry Crumb Cheesecake, Caramel Fudge Cheesecake or Carrot Cheesecake! This place offers by the slice or you can buy a whole pie to take home.

8. Juliette & Chocolat

3600 Boul St-Laurent

If you're a cheesecake lover and haven't Juliette et Chocolat's cheesecake brownie yet, then you're seriously missing out! It's one of the best things on their menu in my opinion. It's seriously delicious. It's also a very romantic spot to bring a date! They have multiple locations around the city as well.

9. Le Cheese Truck

Fried cheesecake #foodporn

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5976 Av de Monkland

I only have two words for you: FRIED CHEESECAKE! If that doesn't convince you I don't know what will. This little spot makes everything cheese, from mac and cheese to grilled cheese they've got it all. If you're looking for a unique and amazing way to eat your cheesecake, this is definitely the place for it. They also have their own food truck so keep an eye out for them around the city!

10. Leche Desserts

Le paradis sur terre: les beignes de Léché Desserts ??

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640 Rue de Courcelle

This place has some next level donuts. If you haven't been here yet, this is one more reason to come. They have a cheesecake and raspberry donut that's seriously amazing! Some other amazing flavours you should try while you're here is their double chocolate brownie donut, passion fruit donut, or their peanut butter and jam donut! For the summer they also offer donut ice cream sandwiches.

11. Patissarie Harmonie


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85 Rue de la Gauchetière O

This Japanese bakery makes some crazy unique pastries! They make adorable buns in the shape of popular characters such as Hello Kitty. Those are definitely their most popular item but they also offer many other delicious options like their egg tarts or their super fluffy cheesecake! They make this cake with a mix of meringue and cream cheese, which gives it this light and fluffy texture.

12. Afroditi Bakery

756 Rue Saint Roch

This Greek bakery makes some insanely delicious desserts. They have some amazing cakes including a variety of cheesecakes! You've got to try their oreo cheesecake, marble cheesecake, and their classic cheesecake. Try some of their classic Greek desserts while you're there as well like Baklava and Diplota.

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