I've been giving it some serious thought lately, and I feel pretty confident in the following statement: poutine is life.

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There's honestly no better comfort food; nothing more delicious to eat during a celebration, some tough times, or just because. And I don't know if it's the yummy potatoes, flavourful sauce, or beyond mind-blowing cheese curds, but a poutine is just... well, amazing.

In Montreal, it's no secret that we know how to do poutine right. So here are just a couple of awesome poutines to get you in that hot and cheesy mood.

1. Chez Claudette's Regular Poutine

2. Mange-Moi's Triple Cheese Poutine

3. Comptoir 21's Poutine

4. Lafayette's Regular Poutine

5. Jukebox Burgers' Mac & Cheese Poutine

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6. Decarie Hot Dog's Poutine

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7. Dirty Dogs' Mac & Cheese Poutine

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8. Jarry Smoked Meat's Smoked Meat Poutine

9. Montreal Pool Room's Poutine

10. Ma Poule Mouillee's Portuguese Chicken And Chorizo Poutine

11. Deli-Plus' Regular Poutine

12. Paulo Et Suzanne's Regular Poutine

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