Are you single and ready to mingle? Or, you may like being a single pringle! Either way, this applies to all you single folks out there in Montreal. There are specific perks to being single in Montreal, you can meet new people almost everywhere and go out every night!

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So, if you just got out of a relationship, check out this list and explore what lays ahead! But, if you are familiar with the single life, then here's a reminder why you might want to keep it that way!

1. You can go out every weekend

Bars, clubs, dancing, you name it because Montreal definitely has it!

2. You can meet new people from all over the world

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Montreal is so multicultured that you get to meet cool and new people all the time who are from the most amazing places!

3. You can go on crazy dates in Montreal that are super fun

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There are so many places to go on a date in Montreal that you will never get bored if you suggest ideas! We have charming cafes, things for competitive people (surfing, rock climbing...), adventurous things (skydiving), artsy things (paint the night), and so much more!

4. You can treat your BFFS instead

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It's always fun to buy people gifts so now that you're single,  treat your BFF  who has helped you through the breakups and the single life struggles!

5. You can go to over a thousand different restaurants

Explore your own city and enjoy meals that are fun and great for date suggestions!

6. You can take care of yourself and treat yourself

Treating yourself is always great! I suggest trying Montreal's most relaxing Spas...Bota Bota, HELL YA!

7. You can shop your worries away

Montreal has great shopping! Just ask your bank accounts! Fairview and Down Town Montreal are basically everyone's second homes.

8. You can dress to impress or do the opposite

Whatever floats your boat! Dress to impress those well-dressed men in Montreal or sit back in sweats while watching some Netflix.

9. You can forget about shaving for awhile

AMEN! When you are single you can legit let it all loose! Forget about razor burns and waxing rashes, it's time to let that hair grow!

10. You can explore your own hobbies

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Montreal is home to amazing things like yoga, rock climbing, photography, painting, and so much more that will keep you busy while finding new things you like!

11. You can spend more time with your family

Treat your family to some fabulous brunches and tourist activities that will make amazing memories and good laughs.

12. You can have all the fun of dating without the commitment

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Montreal is a great place to just date people! You can go one a different date almost every night and have all the fun of a relationship without commitment!

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