Like most major cities, it's pretty evident that we have a serious pigeon problem here in Montreal. These glorified flying rats are everywhere. In the parks, in the street, on our balconies - it just doesn't stop! And these little buggers are resilient. We can't even take solace in knowing that they'll be gone in the winter, because they hang around all year long!

Not only are they loud and unbelievably messy, but they also have no problem making themselves at home in the most inconvenient places, and sometimes, they just go way too far.

1. Not only did they have the nerve to ruin this bench, but they then had the audacity to perch atop of it, as if they now owned it.

2. No sidewalk should ever have that many pigeons on it. What were they hosting? A gross bird convention?

3. And this pigeon trying to join the people for their morning commute.

4. Seriously, go home pigeon.

Photo Cred - jericho514

5. This one knew what it was doing. Went right for the helmet.

6. Yes, just go ahead and ruin hundreds of dollars of public works. Great job, pigeon.

7. And then they swarmed this guy, trying they can get whatever food they can.

8. These pigeons thinking they can watch TV. You're not that smart, pigeons.

9. And this guy is clearly plotting how he can one day rule the city.

Photo Cred - sonchyadv

10. This is an actual pigeon tornado. There's enough of them for a freaking TORNADO.

11. This pigeon trying to pull off being a dove, but not quite getting there. You'll never be that classy, sir.

12. These pigeons thinking that this fountain is their personal day spa. Think again, pigeons!

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