Montreal is such a gorgeous city, we all know this. There's so many areas that honestly take our breath away every time we seem them.

Like when you hike to the lookout at the top of Mont Royal and get a stunning view of the entire city skyline. Or when you walk through Old Montreal and you see the cute cafe, the St Lawrence river and the giant ferris wheel. Or how about when you're strolling through Le Plateau and you see all the colourful apartments with vines along the brick walls. 

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I could go on and on about all the places in the city that take our breath away forever! But what really takes talent is capturing these classic Montreal areas in a photograph. That's something I could never do very well but I appreciate it so much when I find photographers on Instagram who can!

These are some of the best Montreal Instagram accounts that capture everything this city has to offer from beautiful skylines to cute cafes to amazing food! 

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Theme: Stunning portraits of the entire city of Montreal including aerial shots. All pictures taken with an iPhone 6! 

Posts: 217 

Followers: 2,599 

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Theme: Portraits of pretty Plateau homes, cafes and areas around the city! 

Posts: 1,582 

Followers: 65.4 K 

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Theme: Perfect portraits of Montreal's best cafes, including pictures of coffee, desserts, pastries and more! 

Posts: 379 

Followers: 20.6 K

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Theme: Takes pictures from various Montreal accounts posting their amazing meals from restaurants, bars, cafes and more around the city! You'll be so hungry following this account. 

Posts: 1,000

Followers: 74.6 K

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Theme: A unique view of Montreal focusing on capturing light in the perfect way while showcasing different areas of the city. 

Posts: 392 

Followers: 11.9 K

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Theme: A life shown through the best food in Montreal. She posts amazing pictures of all the delicious food she eats, making all her followers jealous! 

Posts: 833 

Followers: 21.1 K 

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Theme: Amazing aerial pictures using a drone of the city of Montreal and all hi awesome travel adventures. 

Posts: 169 

Followers: 10.6 K

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Theme: Various pictures of adventures within the city, and travel pictures, all using amazing light exposure. 

Posts: 1,322

Followers: 6,827 

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Theme: Posts taken from various Montreal accounts featuring all the amazing cafes in the city. 

Posts: 984 

Followers: 3,529 

via @keveatsmtl


Theme: Following a man's life through his amazing Montreal foods. See all the amazing meals he eats at all the best restaurants in the city.

Posts: 446 

Followers: 1,998 

via @clarence.the.corgi


Theme: Follow Montreal's most famous dog, Clarence, through his cute adventures through the city. 

Posts: 567

Followers: 2,785

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Theme: Love brunch food? See all the best pictures of Montreal's brunch restaurants on one amazing account. 

Posts: 970

Followers: 2,725

via @avenuemontroyal


Theme: Gorgeous pictures of Montreal's Avenue Mont Royal! 

Posts: 683

Followers: 3,785

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