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This is incredible.

1. The Plains of Abraham is a surprising theme

2. We were all having a good time before someone mentioned genocide

 3. I've been to Toronto and this fresh air smells likes smog and money

 4.  You got me


 6. Guess whoever wrote it didn't think that far


 8. The greatest activists of the 20th century

 9.  In Robert Nozick's philosophical tale of slavery, the 10th step to escape slavery must be becoming Sugar Sammy

 10. I know it's sarcastic but I still love this guy

 11. No, it's a new Peter Mansbridge show, duh

 12.  I wish I passed "guttoral noise" when I was in high school

 13. Someone's going to be really offended as soon as we figure out what you're saying

 14.  Two guys in a row cannot figure out how to spell "la belle province"

 15. It's for sure "le puck off"

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