Canada's new food guideline just came out, and it's been totally turned on its head. Among other things, the guide emphasizes the importance of a plant-based diet, with a new insistence on non-meat proteins. The guide also states that Canadians don't eat enough whole grains or vegetables and consume too much sugar. 

For some, plant-based diets are becoming an attractive alternative. For others, vegetarian and vegan diets seem boring, unsatisfying, or too difficult. To help Montrealers get a better idea of what a diet based mostly on plants, legumes, and whole grains looks like, I've compiled a list of delicious vegetarian-and-vegan-friendly restaurants.

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TL;DR Canada's food guide is asking for more plant-based proteins. Below is a list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Montreal, organized by neighbourhood, that will make you fall in love with meat-free meals.

Old Port

Invitation V

Where: 201 St Jacques St, Montreal

What: Invitation V is an upscale vegan bistro in the Old Port. They pride themselves on making thoughtfully-sourced, cruelty-free, delicious dishes, like vegan bourguignon. 

When: Brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Check them out here!



Where: 459 Ontario St E, Montreal

What: Antidote is an awesome vegan bistro and wine bar in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. They serve veggie-rich dishes you never knew could be vegan, like burgers and BLTS. Definitely check them out!

When: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Check out their website here!



Where: 4088 St Denis St, Montreal

What: This fantastic thai restaurant is totally vegan, and they have the most convinving soy meat you will ever try. Their sauces are seriously fantastic as well.

When: Lunch and dinner. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Check them out here!


Where:  1999 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal

What: Vegano is a vegan Italian restaurant in the Plateau. That's right, you heard correctly: a VEGAN italian place. The best part is that it's bring-your-own-wine. If vegan pesto can't convince you that eating less dairy is possible, I don't know what will.

When: Breakfast and lunch on weekdays; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Check out their website here!

Sushi Momo

Where: 3609 St Denis St, Montreal

What: Two words: vegan. sushi. Sushi Momo is seriously one of the best places to eat sushi in Montreal, whether or not you're vegan. Their fare is super creative, light, and delicious. 

When: Lunch and dinner. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Check out their website here!

Rosemont / La Petite Patrie

Santa Barbara

Where: 6696 Saint Vallier, Montréal

What: Santa Barbara is a neighborhood favourite that serves up creative vegetarian takes on classic food, but they are also self-described as "carnivore-friendly."

When: Dinner on weekdays. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends. Closed on Monday.

Check out their website!

Saint Michel

Via Restaurant Phổ Đà Sơn

Phổ Đà Sơn

Where: 3343 Jarry Est, Montréal

What: This fantastic buffet restaurant serves vegetarian Vietnamese food, including all of your comfort-food classics. The best part is that they're super affordable, which makes eating healthy, delicious food a lot easier on the wallet.

When: From 9:30 am – 9:00 pm everyday.

Read more here!

Mile End

La Lumière du Mile End

Where: 214 rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal

What: La Lumière du Mile End is a café in, you guessed it, the Mile End. They serve up hearty vegetarian meals and a wide selection of coffees. A great find for these cold days.

When: Lunch and dinner.

Check them out on Facebook here!


Where: 5417 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

What: Birona claims to have the largest selection of hummus in the world and, honestly, I believe them. Their dishes are colourful takes on Mediterranian cuisine. They don't serve exclusively vegetarian dishes, but they have quite a few options for those who want to try plant-based proteins.

When: Lunch and dinner, everyday. Lunch only on Sundays.

Check out their website!

Restaurants with several locations across Montreal

Panthère Verte

Where: 6 locations in Montreal

What: La Panthère Verte is a Montreal vegan classic. Their uber-healthy menu features dishes like tempeh bowls and fresh soups. They're particularly well-known for their falafel.

When: Lunch and dinner.

Check them out here!

LIV Salads

Where: 3 locations in Montreal

What: Liv Salad is a favourite in the Mile End, where they first began. They offer a wide selection of dishes, with generous helpings of vegetables. Many of their ingredients are sourced right from their garden, located on the roof.

When: Lunch and dinner.

Check out their website!

Lola Rosa

Where: 4 locations accross Montreal

What: This is a popular haunt among students all over the city. Its Milton location in particular is always filled to the brim at lunch and dinner. They serve up a host of comfort-food options (mac n' cheese! burritos!), as well as delicious soups and salads. As an added bonus, some locations offer brunch on Sundays.

When: Brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Read more here!


Where: One location in the Old Port and one downtown

What: LOV is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in Montreal, and it has been featured in more than one Instagram feed. They serve light meals, pastries, coffee, and cocktails. A great place for brunch or dinner with your girlfriends.

When: Brunch, lunch, dinner.

Explore their website!


Where: 3 locations across Montreal

What: Though not exclusively vegetarian, Venice is known for its salads and poké bowls. Their delicious, rainbow-coloured meals are great examples of how to eat according to the new guidelines.

When: Lunch and dinner.

Find the locations nearest you here!

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Copper Branch

Where: Several locations accross the city

What: Copper Branch is totally plant-based and great for a lunch pit-stop. Their meals are full of wonderful, healthy ingredients. They have super fun dishes, like their General Copper Branch Bowls, and comforting soups. A vegan classic!

When: Lunch and dinner.

Check them out here!

Happy (an healthy) eating Montreal!


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