Montreal is restaurant heaven. Whether you're talking food, drinks or cafe we have new spots popping up each month, even every week.  

With all these new buzzy-worthy trendy spots cropping up we sometimes forget about the modest hidden gems tucked away in the lesser-known corners and side streets of the city.

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Take a minute to walk away from the chaos of the main arteries and intersections, and you will instantly increase the odds of hitting a culinary gold-mine.  This can be a time-consuming gamble, though. So we're here to help you discover the guaranteed foodie treasures. Hungry for more? Then read on!

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Secret Restaurants ūüćī

1) The best Jamaican patty spot in town is officially revealed, check out Mr.Patty in NDG

via @nick_infernomtl

Mr. Patty is a family run joint in the heart of NDG. If you're not from the area it's definitely worth the trip. Each patty is hand-made every day.  Resulting in the flakiest most savory and fresh patty you've ever tried.  Make the trip on Saturday or Sunday and try the curry, served-up only on weekends. 

Where: 5312 Patricia Avenue 

2) For a casual Persian experience check out Chalet Amu Jan in NDG 

via @wiseguy514

Chalet Amujan is your classic hole in the wall that will leave you totally surprised.  Completly unassuming from the outside, this little Persian joint will make you feel like you took a trip to Tehran and back.  The food is fresh and cooked with love, and is also very reasonably priced.  Couldn't ask for more.

Where: 6107 Sherbrooke Street Ouest

3) For a tangy taste of Northern China check out Nouilles De Lan Zhou in China Town

via @azhou98

Although Nouilles De Lanzhou is found on a main street in China Town, it's completely unassuming because on the surface it's just a couple tables scattered on top of the entrance of a grocery store.   However, once your food comes you will realize this place is so much more.  Choose your own noodle size, slurping encouraged. 

Where: 1006 Boulvard St - Laurent

4) Sample the releast Tacos at Mr.Azteca, tucked away on St-Hubert Street 

via @elisebgravel

I dream about these tacos.  They are a bite-sized piece of heaven with just the right amount of toppings served up in a totally unpretentious atmosphere.  This is a family run tacos joint that's perfect for a quick and cheap bite on a weeknight.  It's worth the trek to Jean Talon, trust. 

Where: 7349 Rue Saint - Hubert

5) For fresh Vietnamese - that's not just standard Vermicelli in a bowl -  check out Restaurant Hoai Huong in Cotes-des-Neiges

via @lynale85

Resturant Hoai Huong is a little off the grid, but so worth the trip.  Located on Victoria Avenue Right next to Metro Cote Saint Catherine, this spot lives in a true local Montreal neighborhood.  After enjoying a flavorful and aromatic bowl of Pho, you can spend the rest of your afternoon exploring a different part of town. 

Where: 5485 Victoria Avenue

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Secret Bars ūüćł

1) Bar Le Emerald AKA "No Name" bar is the incognito gem of Parc Ave

via @cyndiramirez

It's very easy to completely miss Le Emerald when walking by on Parc Avenue.  There is no distinct or obvious sign on the outside of this bar.  The only thing that distinguishes the facade from the others are the lush tropical plants framing the window.  Serving up some premium cocktails, this place is perfect for date night or casual weekend drinks.

Where: 5295 Parc Avenue 

2) For a late night burger and drinks check out Nouveau Palais

via @nouveau_palais

Although this place is popular for food with the Mile End crowd, you may not know that this place is not just a restaurant, but also a bar that stays open until 3am.  It's a great option for late night eats or an easy drink with friends. Try the burger, you won't regret!

Where: 281 Rue Bernard Ouest

3) For intimate dancefloor, vibes check out Taverne Normand on Mont-Royal East

via @funkyfalz

You wouldn't expect that this place to host wild dance parties every weekend; the modest exterior doesn't really scream sweaty dance floor. But this is a great place for dancing out your stress of the week in an intimate bar setting.  Cheap drinks, good tunes, who could ask for more? 

Where: 1550 Mont-Royal East

4) An unpretentious hidden bar serving laid-back beers perfect for big groups check out La Quincaillerie on Rachel East

via @weanimals

La Quincaillerie is a great place to hang out with a big group of people. Found off of the main streets on Rachel East right near Parc Lafontaine. This bar boasts high ceilings and massive tables it's the perfect place to bring your co-workers for a little 5 a 7.  

Where: 980 Rue Rachel East

5) For premium cocktails with an island twist check out Ptit Agrikol on Amherst

via @nmadren

Petit Agrikol is the spunky little cousin of Agrikol, the Haitian restaurant next door.  Unlike its big cousin, Ptit Agrikol serves up tasty tropical-twist cocktails until the wee hours of the morning.  It's a perfect spot for drinks to start the night or dancing to end it. Whatever floats your boat. 

Where: 1844 Amherst Street

6) For a hidden and unpretentious Speak Easy style bar - check out Le Coldroom in the Old Port

This unassuming bar doesn't look like a bar from the outside. The unmarked door and doorbell definitely add a level of mystery as the hostess appears at the door to let you in.  Serving up some tasty cocktails till 3AM. Great place to bring a date to impress. 

Where: Rue Saint-Vincent 

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Secret Cafes ‚ėē

1) For a laid-back coffee in a lush atmosphere check out Cafe Parvis

via @abigailbuchanan

Cafe Parvis is a little hidden gem of downtown Montreal, it's found on Mayor street, which is just three blocks long.  In other words, you would never walk into this place unless you knew it was there. And now you do! Serving up coffee along with drinks and food, it's a great place for all kinds of occasions. 

Where: 433 Mayor Street

2) For a cozy latte check out Cafe Des Bois on Mont-Royal East

via @lecafedesbois

The plateau is Cafe central.  Here is another one for you to check out, this time a little further East on Mont-Royal. Cafe Des Bois serves up classic beverages in a unfussy atmosphere. Perfect to bring your laptop or a friend and chill all day. 

Where: 2296 Mont-Royal East

3) For a coffee and so much more check out Le Petit Dep in the Old Port 

via @simply.r

Le petit dep is found on St.Paul street in the heart of the old port.  Unless you take a minute to step inside, from the outside, you wouldn't assume they serve coffee.  But you are pleasantly surprised once you enter.  The coffee and baked goods are delicious. 

Where:  179 Rue Saint Paul

4) If your taking a break from class stop by Pigeon Espresso Bar for a quick cup

Cafe Pigeon is right in the hear of the Concordia campus, but it's a tiny spot, so walk too fast and you'll miss it.  This place is strictly about coffee, so if you're looking for an afternoon fix be sure to check it out!

Where: 1392 Maisonneuve west

5) If your looking for a different type of Coffee experience check out Byblos Le Petit Cafe on Laurier East

via @marjorierheaume

This little Persian gem is found on Laurier East serving up some light fare and tea and coffee, of course.  The cozy atmosphere is a perfect place to bring a friend to nurse a pot of strong tea with all afternoon. 

Where: 1499 Laurier East

6) For a hidden coffee spot for real connaisseurs check out Dispatch on St. Zotique West

via @dispatchcoffee

This location of Dispatch coffee is truly hidden.  You can find their wooden airy open interior on St-Zotique West, deep in the winding streets of Mile-Ex.  With an actual menu of different beans and roasts to choose from, this place is sure to satisfy all you espresso-lovers out there. 

Where: 267 Rue St. Zotique West

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