With Pokémon GO taking over the world, Nintendo's popularity (and stock) is rising quickly.

In fact, yesterday everyone was freaking out about this new mini Nintendo console with built in games.

Does this mean my original NES from 1985 is finally worth something? I even still have the original grey Duck Hunt gun.

However, if you aren't lucky enough to have held on to your old consoles or if you're just way too young to have had one, no worries. There are still a few spots in Montreal where you can play some classic games.

Here are 5 bars in Montreal where you can get drunk play Nintendo games.


1245 Drummond

Foonzo is what it would be like if your basement gaming den turned into a bar. Here you'll find some classic old school consoles as well as a bunch of board games. Be sure to try their cartoon-inspired cocktails.

Check out their Facebook group for more info.

Nacho Libre

Photo cred – vivannacholibre

913 Beaubien East

My entire childhood was pretty much eating nachos and playing video games and now I have found the perfect place to do just that, Nacho Libre. Because nothing is better than video games and Mexican food. Just make sure to get there early because the gaming space is limited.

Check out their Facebook group for more info.

Arcade MTL

Now this didn't start as an official bar, it's was a community that hosted events where the main themes were: Video games and drinking. But now, Arcade MTL has their own permanent venue and it's definitely worth checking out.

Check out their Facebook group for more info.


323 Ontario East

This isn't your typical bar. Actually they prefer the term “smart bar” because it's also part cafe and part gaming space. It's the perfect meeting place for video game lovers. They also have some amazing themed cocktails and they host a ton of special events.

Check out their Facebook group for more info.

Montreal Forum’s Game Centre

2313 Sainte-Catherine West

One of the most underappreciated spots in Montreal. The 4th floor of the Montreal Forum actually houses one the biggest Arcades in Montreal. And yes, there is a bar. You'll find everything from pool tables, to fair games, to classic arcades. Plus you just load up a card when you walk in so you don't have to carry a bunch of change in your pocket.

Check out their Facebook group for more info.

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