"The Message is Medium Rare" is a new artistic endeavour by Christopher Simmons and Nathan Sharp of San Francisco-based design firm MINE. The duo, solely through hamburgers, seeks to learn about the world, life, and business, and then impart these lessons onto the general public.

The two started the project simply because hamburgers inspire them, and they feel that's how you should approach your professional and social life: learning from what you love. It sounds silly, but the wisdom imparted by the pair, through the delicious medium of hamburgers, is both relevant and insightful.

Read and feast your eyes on some hamburger life lessons below.

First Impressions are Everything

Free handmade pickles were given out before the pair ate this burger from Super Duper. Anything free is awesome, but by giving out these handmade pickles, the restaurant established a strong relationship with the customer, founded on good quality ingredients and service, even before a burger was eaten.

Mix Up Your Lingo

"Musty" was applied to this mushroom-burger from Doc of the Bay's, and after the descriptor was used, the pair couldn't find a better term. The same thing can happen when trying to brand an item, so always come at a product from different angles: “When presenting creative options give each a name–this one is contemporary, this one is traditional, etc. If you don’t someone else will and you’ll be at the mercy of their label, not yours.”

Be There, Entirely There

After a bad service experience when macking on this ginormous blue-cheese burger, the pair realized that simply showing up doesn't get the job done. For a project to thrive, you need to be there physically and mentally 100%.

Bad Can Still Be Good

A service mixup had the dup eating this burger with American wagyu beef patty accompanied by lettuce, onion and bacon jam by accident, only the totally enjoyed. Despite the server apologizing, the lesson learned was that things happen, you roll with it, and try to make a negative into a positive.

Balance is Everything

If you couldn't tell from the photo, this burger has WAY too much lettuce. After eating this pseudo-salad, Sharp and Simmons concluded that in both burger artistry and design, you have to balance all the elements to make a perfect project.

Check out the full entries at The Message is Medium Rare website here.

For more food life lessons, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte


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