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Today, Target announced its plan to begin closing its stores in Canada after a majorly disappointing two years. And honestly, Canada couldn’t be happier. After having our expectations shattered by Target again and again, we are ready to open our hearts back up to our beloved Zellers. It was always better, anyways.


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Target Is Too Expensive

Apparently Target never got the memo that a discount department store shouldn’t break the bank. Flipping over the price tag generally ended with a disgruntled expression and the item being hastily put back on the shelf. The crappy quality of the items at Target never lived up to the expensive price. At least Zellers was able to gauge what a t-shirt was worth.


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Target Never Had Anything In Stock

On the off chance that the price wasn’t too ridiculous, it would be a struggle to find an item suitable to purchase. The clothes were only in extra-small or extra-large, and anything in a box had already been opened and stuffed back in. Zellers had products in abundance, and the price was so good you’d normally buy two!


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Target Never Lived Up To Its American Counterpart

The reason people were so excited for Target to open Canadian stores was because the American stores were so top notch. If you’ve never been to an American Target, you would be shocked at the difference. They have great prices and more brands you can count on two hands. Apparently Target underestimated the Canadian expectation when they decided to head north. Zellers never disappointed.


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Target had Misleading Advertising

Recently, Target decided to give a sappy commercial telling its Canadian customers it was going to right its wrongs and make their stores better. And a few months later they decided to close down? So much for “not giving up on Canada”. Zellers commercials never made empty promises, or advertised an experience they couldn’t live up to.


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Zellers Was Always Reliable

When you walked into your local Zellers you knew where everything was. They rarely went through renovations or switched around the store layout. There was comfort in the familiarity. Every time you walked into a Target, it looked completely different from the last time you were there. As if the store design is going to make us forget about the prices.


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Zellers Is A Canadian Company

It is always good to support homegrown businesses. People need to stop assuming that just because a company is American, it will work everywhere. Zellers was a Canadian comfort we all miss. #bringbackzellers

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