The next evolution in burgers has been made: a meaty patty in between a bun made entirely out of french fries. No longer must you pair the two seperatly, thanks to Dude Foods you can enjoy a burger and fries in a single beautiful bite. Even better, you can make this fast food fusion in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Using edible glue (it's a thing, trust) you can basically stick together solo french fries into a bun big enough for a beef patty and all the other additions. Throw on some veggies, condiments, and cheese and you've got the French Fry Bun Burger! Take a look at the awesomness below.

Your tasty glue

Stick 'dem fries

And voila!

Do you need a fry-bun burger in your belly right now? Think it's inferior to a legit bread bun? Give us some food for thought in the comments below!

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