Guys, if there's one chef I look up to in Montreal, it's probably Antonio Park.

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Maybe because Park is my goal restaurant forever; maybe it's because I am in love with the concept behind Lavanderia; or maybe it's because he's straight-up awesome.

I don't know, friends. But I do know that when I heard about his all-new project, Kampai Garden (1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine O), I was already in love.

And once I saw all the gorgeous pictures of the inside, that sold it for me. So feast your eyes on Antonio Park's new "garden bar", and prepare to fall in love, too.

BRB, referring to Montreal as 'Funtreal' from now on.

Stunning, TBH.

My life motto.

A photo posted by Jean-Philippe (@lejeeps) on

A marquis on the bar? Sign me TF up

A photo posted by @yzma04 on

Garden views!

Just had to sneak a food pic in here. Look how good everything looks!

A photo posted by NALIE (@nalieagustin) on

Okay, legit, I want this sign in my house.

Real life plants for days.

I'm an actual tile fanatic, and these tiles are on point.

Forever in love with this bar.

Honestly, can I get married under this sign?


A photo posted by Food Ninjas (@foodninjas) on

Literally looks like the most fun garden, ever.

A photo posted by momo (@uniquelymomo) on

Lights and plants and lights and plants.

Pool party, anyone?

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