A breakfast can never go wrong when there's Eggs Benedict involved. Utterly delicious (and arguably nutritious!) the classic breakfast/brunch dish will always hit the spot, and its so versatile, every eggs benny you eat can be a little different. The next time you want to switch-up your benny, add some avocado to create the Guacamole Bacon Eggs Benedict from Closet Cooking.

Every Eggs Benedict recipe starts off with poached eggs, an English muffin, and hollaindaise sauce. To change it up, this recipe opts out of E-muffs for a thinner multigrain bread, adds on some smokey bacon, and does away with the classic butter & egg-based hollaindaise sauce for something avocado inspired.

A fusion of avocado and hollandaise, the sauce used in this recipe isn't technically guacamole but anything avocado-based and dip-able is guac in our books. Dubbed "avodaise" sauce in the recipe, the guac-topping is essentially pureed avocado with lemon and water. Here's where we'd change it up and throw on some legit guac, 'cuz that sounds a lot more scrumptious.

Smokey, zesty, and an oozy egg + the addition of avocado make this Eggs Benedict a top contender for best of the Bens, even coming close to the Eggs Benedict Poutine, if that's even possible. Learn to make your own Guacamole Bacon Eggs Benedict here, just remember to use that real guac, or just feast your eyes below.

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