Ok, time to say goodbye to any summer healthy-eating plans you may have had, because the dealbreaker of all diets has just been found. Cheese, bacon, and mashed potatoes are all incredible on their own, but just wait 'til you eat them all in the same bite of exploding carb-y/cheesy/greasy flavour. That's whats in store for you with the Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs.

A stroke of gluttonous genius (thanks to Amy Erickson of Savory Style), these flavour bombs are pretty simple to make and look straight up sublime.

All you'll really need is some prepared mashed potatoes, a lot 'o cheese, some breadcrumbs, and plenty of bacon, obviously. Before you get started, mix up your mash with an egg and spices to hold together better, then:

Make a cheese-centered mashed potato ball, heavy on the cheese.

Coat in breadcrumbs for a light crisp.

Then wrap in bacon for a not-so-light and meaty crisp.


And finally, consume. We take no responsibility for any induced heart attacks.

Will you be making/eating Mashes Potato Bacon Bombs?

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