Throwing foods into a sandwich or recreating dishes into wrap-form is pretty standard fair, and awesome, because it turns a plated dish into an easy to eat sammie of sorts. Often overlooked, especially in the realm of breakfast foods, is the hot dog design, which is basically the same process of remaking a dish into a hot dog. FrugalMomEh puts the under (hot) dog on top for breakfast with the Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog recipe.

Crispy grated potato. gooey cheese, tomatoes, and (as is necessary for any breakfast food) eggs + bacon are piled atop a standard hot dog in a bun to create a whole new way to enjoy breakfast. Condiments aren't necessary to enjoy this hot dog, but lets be real, a squirt of sriracha is never a bad move.

"The Ron Swanson" by Montreal's Dirty Dogs comes pretty close to the Breakfast Hot Dog in terms of flavours and ingredients. Steak and garlic aioli are added in, with potato and tomato left out, but you still got the essential egg and bacon, which steal the show anyway. You can make your own Breakfast Hot Dog (recipe) or just head to Dirty Dogs, but either way, lets make the hot dog a regular breakfast item.

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