For a city pretty far from the ocean, Montreal has good seafood. But never mind seafood! You'll forget your own name eating some of the tasty fried calamari that are served here in Montreal. The quality of the squid is less important than the quality of the preparation. That squid could've been an outright bastard, but it'll taste mighty good fried up w/ butter and lemon and french fries, here in Montreal or anywhere else. The following is an unranked list of Montreal's best calamari.

Comptoir 21

Multiple Locations
This Montreal seafood spot/chipper is a great place for fried calamari. The squids are crispy, the decor is lovely, and the price is definitely right. They also have tons of dipping sauces if you don't want to just have tzatziki.

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Poissonnerie Aqua Mare

7070 rue Henri Julien
This fabulous Jean-Talon fish market has many special "days" like when they feature their Oysters and open up the fish market to the alleyway to create a little restaurant. During the summer their fryer stall is open and you can roll by anytime and get fresh calamari cooked up as you wait or shop! The calamari is served w/ french fries and fiery thousand island. If you're hungry, pair the calamari w/ some fried shrimp.

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Holder Restaurant and Bar

407 rue McGill
This Vieux-Montreal favorite is known for classy French foods like Duck Confit, but it also harbors some dangerous calamari. Perfectly fried, invitingly warm, these calamars melt in your mouth and are paired with delicious cilantro mayonnaise. These calamars are crispy, no gross rubbery stuff.

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Restaurant Helena

438 rue McGill
For some sophisticated grilled seafood, look to Portuguese chef Helena Loureiro and her self-titled Vieux-Montreal restaurant. The Parrilhada dish at Helena includes U-10 Scallops, squid, octopus, and giant shrimps. The dish is $64 dollars, so go with friends!

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Marven's Restaurant

880 Ave. Ball
Despite some recent mixed reviews, the people of Montreal are clamouring for Marvin's. This historical Montreal Greek restaurant has been churning out calamari for decades and continues to do a good job. Come here for a slice of Montreal history, and some good calamars.

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Restaurant Nostos Souvlaki

9530 De L'acadie Boulevard
This classic family-run Greek hole-in-the-wall restaurant has some really good fried calamari. Nostalgia in Greek literally means the pain from an old wound. It's a twinge -- one in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone. This restaurant, this piece of Montreal history, is still family owned, and still has quality donner, gyros, souvlaki plates, as well as delicious fried calamari.

Chez Delmo

275 Notre Dame St.
Chez Delmo is nestled in Montreal's Vieux-Port and is well-known for excellent seafood dishes like their salmon tartare. Chez Delmo is also home to great calamari, halibut, scallops, Arctic char, mussels, and fish & chips.

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Elatos Souvlaki

550 rue Jarry Est
Elatos is a classic Montreal Greek restaurant that serves well-priced dishes like souvlaki, donners, gyros, pizza, and even calamari! The fried calamars here are a perfect accompaniment to a great, greasy, garlic-y, meal!

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Mythos Ouzeri

5318 Ave. du Parc
This upscale Greek restaurant serves magnificent renditions of favorites like roasted lamb, octopus, and deep fried eggplant and zucchini. Their Tzatziki and Saganaki are both fabulous and the Kopanisti is another standout. The calamari is fried and served in large portions w/ eggplant and zucchini chips!

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Restaurant Jano

3883 rue St. Laurent
Jano serves calamari Portuguese style, grilled not fried! These delicious and un-battered calamars are grilled and seasoned to mouth-melting perfection with a spicy-buttery sauce. By masterfully grilling the squid instead of over-frying it like some places, Jano's calamari is succulent, juicy, and easy to tear apart.

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Orange Rouge

106 De La Gauchetière O
This unique restaurant divides itself in two parts of a building, one a brilliantly lit kitchen that diners can view while they eat, and the other is a comfortable dining room with warm lighting and a black, purple, and neon red crab interior. Calamari here are fried or grilled or sauteed with zucchini on a bed of noodles. This restaurant is very innovative (see mint salad and dessert dumplings), which can be rare in China town.

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Les Délices de l’Île Maurice

272 rue Hickson
To add a little Verdun flavor to this list, Indian-French fusion restaurant Les Délices de l’Île Maurice makes some amazing herb-battered fried calamari. Deep fried cabbage fritters and fish balls are also two brilliant little dishes that you'll only experience here!

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679 Rue Saint Roch
Tripolis is a family-run Greek restaurant in Parc-Ex that features some of the best calamari in Montreal. The calamars are fresh, cut in big pieces, and not overpowered by the batter.

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Estiatorio Yiasou

5375 Chemin Queen-Mary
The calamari here is served Greek style: fried, fresh, cheap, and in humongous portions. The batter is crunchy, but not too hard, and the calamars are soft but not mushy!

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Poissonnerie & Restaurant Rayan

6080 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges
This poissonnerie/restaurant serves delicious deep-fried calamari and fried Tiger Shrimp! Paired with a tasty chowder, this fish market/resto offers a great stop & shop fish experience.

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5435 Boulevard Saint Laurent
This creative little Mexican restaurant plays with squid quite a bit! Their calamari/squid/ceviche salad is very spicy and delicious. The calamari have a enticing smokey roasted flavor and are incredibly tender. Paired with any other food at Maïs, the calamari make a fabulous appetizer.

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Ferreira Cafe

1446, Rue Peel
This upscale Portuguese restaurant makes fantastic grilled calamari. Ferreira Cafe has an extensive wine list, brilliant food, and grilled calamari just the way it should be done. Ferreira is a haven for properly prepared scallops, fish heads, clams, shrimp, and more beefy Portuguese dishes too!

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4806, Avenue du Parc
Philinos is a swanky and classically Montreal-Greek restaurant that specializes in an authentic lively atmosphere and dishes like fried octopus, Saganaki, freshly made Spanakopita, and rack of lamb. Philinos also lays claim to some of the best fried calamaris in the city.

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Au Pied de Cochon

536 Avenue Duluth E

With occasional specials like fried calamari poutine with squid ink sauce and gold flakes, Au Pied is on this list for a reason. The meat masters at Au Pied serve their regular calamari light and full of citrus flavor, accompanied by caviar. The seafood platter here is immense, bring some backup for stuffed mussels, conch, razor clams, calamari, cherrystone clams, oysters, and periwinkles sautéed in black bean sauce.

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La Sala Rosa

4848 boul. Saint-Laurent

La Sala Rosa gives you big -- hot out of the oil -- calamari with plenty of crispy tentacles. This versatile restaurant does every dish in a fresh and unpretentious way, including juicy grilled squid.

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