Cat lovers, raise your hands. Is your hand raised in the air? No? Well, it's okay. I know you're a cat lover on the inside. Everyone kind of is, because it's seriously difficult not to adore the cute, sweet little balls of fluff and aloofness that are cats.

And if you so happen to be a cat and coffee lover in Montreal (and, let's be honest, who isn't?) then I've got some great news for you. Montreal has a bunch of spots where you can combine your two passions into one awesome adventure. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe, friends. Read on for Best Montreal Cat Cafes 2016.

1. Cafe Chat L'Heureux

172 Avenue Duluth E

If you’ve been here, then you know. This spot is seriously awesome: the space is super welcoming, laid-back, and comfortable, with an unmistakable homey vibe. This makes it the perfect spot for a date or to get some reading done… and when you tie it in with their awesome cat-themed decor, their awesome food, and the adorable kitties roaming around, calling the place home? Yeah. You’ve got a winning combination, my friend.


2. Cafe Venosa

4433 Rue Saint-Denis

This vegan cat cafe seriously deserves a huge round of applause. First of all, like I mentioned, this spot serves up some seriously delicious vegan eats - which is super fitting, considering it is a cafe that features animals. Second of all, they take in shelter kitties and adopt them out, meaning that they’re doing their part in helping find forever homes for cats, too. Of course, this spot also features a super friendly, cool vibe, awesome environment, and amazing food - so no matter what, you’re in for a great time.


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3. Le Cafe Des Chats

3435 Rue Saint-Denis

Cute kitties? Check. Delicious food? Check. Relaxing atmosphere? Check. Cafe Des Chats, which was the first Montreal cat cafe, btw, hits the nail on the head when it comes to relaxing, chill, laid-back spots to enjoy an awesome coffee and play with some seriously adorable kitties. Their food - and coffee - is seriously on point, but it's their super relaxing atmosphere that makes them one of the best spots in the city to study, read, or chill with friends, all the while engaging with some adorable cats.


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