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Putting the naming controversy (Tso/Tao) aside, let's rap about some really good chicken. General Tso chicken is a North American Chinese food favorite, and has been for over half a century. The famous recipe can be broken down into components. There's the sauce: soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sugar, cornstarch, dried red chile peppers (whole), garlic, and MSG. The batter: egg, cornstarch. And there's the dish: broccoli, chicken (cubed). All this is prepared in a professional fryer or, alternatively, skillfully in a wok. The following is an unranked list of some of the best restaurants serving the General's chicken in Montreal. Please send us your suggestions for places we've missed!

Cuisine Auntdai

5557A, Cote-des-Neiges

Wok Cafe

1845 rue St. Catherine West
Wok Cafe is known for their General Tao. Specify you want it crispy and it's some of the best Tao in the city. Available for delivery and at $9.99 the General Tao w/ rice and veggies is a steal! Facebook page

La Maison Bulgogi

2127 rue St. Catherine West
Maison Bulgogi is owned by Koreans who lived in China as well, thus they offer side dishes like kimchi! This place also has standout hot pot and General Tao's chicken! Facebook page

Restaurant Soy

5258 boul St. Laurent
There's lots to love at Soy, including less sweet, more soy sauce-y, Taiwanese style General Tao chicken. Soy also does classics like duck, pork, and seafood dumplings. Facebook page

Maison Kam Fung

1111 rue St. Urbain
Maison Kam Fung is a Montreal Chinese heavyweight, and they deliver with fabulous General Tao chicken. Kam Fung also has great dim sum, fried noodle dishes, and mango & coconut jello! Facebook page

Photo cred - Poutineville


1365 Ontario Est
These dangerous and radical poutine engineers have, among their many concoctions, a delicious general tao poutine. Though it only comes out at special occasions like Poutine Week, this atomic poutine deserved a mention on the General's list. Facebook page

L'orchidee de Chine

2017 rue Peel
This downtown Montreal chinese spot is a must try for the General's chicken. L'orchidee also features good crispy spring rolls, bean paste, fish with bean sauce, peanut butter ravioli, five spice smoke spare ribs, and delicious Szechuan style beef. Facebook page

Cuisine Szechuan

2350 rue Guy
This chinese resto is a Montreal favorite for peanut chicken, General Tao chicken, cumin beef, and stir fried green beans w/ shredded pork. The fish stew and lamb hot pot are also favorites at Cuisine Szechuan. Be sure to mention your spice preferences to your waiter, as they can crank it way up, or down, as you prefer. Facebook page

Chez Chili

1050 rue Clark
The General Tao chicken here is among their best dishes. Other standouts include the sichuan lamb with onions and cumin, mushroom casserole, and delicious veggie dishes too. Facebook page

Deville Dinerbar

1425 rue Stanley
Deville Dinerbar is a downtown favorite for decadent dishes like fried chicken and grilled salmon. Deville also lays claim to a fantastic general tao's chicken salad! This lower-carb option comes in a large bowl of spinach et al. with typical dressings of a Chinese chicken salad -- only this salad was topped with huge chunks of freshly breaded General Tso chicken. The chicken is moist and served in large portions, but not overly glazed in sugary sauce or greasy. Facebook page

Yuan Végétarien

2115 rue St. Denis
This veggie resto makes Grade A faux General Tso's chicken. The sweet & sour sauce is perfect and the consistency is as good as it gets. Other favorites here are peanut ravioli, soya brochette, and steak w/ pineapple sauce! Imitation japanese eel and "curry pork" are must-order items as well. Facebook page

Restaurant Szechuan

400 rue Notre-Dame Ouest
This Vieux-Montreal Szechuan resto has seriously good general tao chicken. This chicken is made w/ high quality chicken breast, fried rice and comes w/ corn & crabmeat soup and a spring roll as part of the lunch special. The sauce on the chicken is delicate, not too sticky or sweet.

Restaurant Beijing

92, Rue De La Gauchetière Ouest
Resto Beijing is renowned for their amazing General Tao chicken and General Tao tofu! This spot also makes amazing pickled cabbage, chicken fried rice, and veggie hot pots, are also must try's at Beijing. Try the sizzling lemon chicken too. With it, you'll make a night you won't remember -- it'll be the dish you can't forget. Dale. Facebook page

Restaurant PM - Pret à Manger

1809 Rue St. Catherine Ouest
Resto PM makes delicious and crispy General Tso's chicken, as well as good hot & sour soup, and eggplant. Jellyfish and pineapple chicken are two other memorable dishes from PM. Facebook page

Tchang Kiang by Yangtze Restaurant

6066 Sherbrooke St. West
Tchang kiang has re-opened and partnered with the Yangtze that was on Van Horne and we're excited. Tchang Kiang makes delicious crispy, spice-y, and not-too-sweet General Tso chicken. At Tchang they also do justice to favorites like hot & sour soup, eggrolls, spring rolls, and shredded beef and carrots. Facebook page

La Maison VIP

1077 rue Clark
La Maison VIP serves up delicious General Tso's chicken and tofu. La Maison also does the N. American Chinese favorites like chicken fried rice, pork fried rice, egg rolls, spring rolls, shrimp lo mein, boneless spare ribs, wonton soup, beef/chicken/shrimp satay, and the price is right!

Papillion Bleu

200 rue St. Jacques
Papillion Bleu's "General Joe's chicken" is a tasty rendition of General Tao's chicken. All white meat, no gamey pieces, and the sauce is on point! Very good potions in delivery and available lightning fast for pick up. Facebook page

Nouille Express

1510 Boul De Maisonneuve Ouest
Nouille Express is home to great N. American Chinese and vietnamese dishes at exceptional prices. This places has all the dishes you'd expect of a quick Chinese spot: dim sum, chicken/pork/beef rice/noodles, etc., plus sensational General Tao's tofu! Facebook page


380 rue St. Jacques Ouest
Sésame is a revelation in the world of Tao, as they prepare their Tao three ways: as an appetizer, as a poutine (year round), and as a main wok course served w/ sautéed vegetables and jasmine rice. Tofu tao also available. For some good upscale ($$) Tao, head to Sésame. Facebook page

La Maison Egg Roll

3741 Rue Wellington
This Verdun favorite serves up messy, greasy, General Tao, w/ fried rice for $6.75. Topped with an egg roll. Can't explain that. Facebook page

Restaurant Y Lan

6425 rue St. Denis
Restaurant Y Lan is a Vietnamese restaurant that houses great traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as fabulous General Tao's. The banh xeo (vietnamese crepe), cha ca (fried fish on dill), nem nuong (pork meatballs), pho, hue-style noodle soup, and banh tom chien (shrimp on fried sweet potatoes), are all good traditional dishes here. General Tao's is about as far from "traditional" as it gets, but they're still great, served crispy with a complex sweet and sour sauce. Facebook page

Resto Lychee

187 Mont-Royal Ave.
Resto Lychee is a great Plateau Thai BYO spot. Their curries are phenomenal, rich, spicy, and sweet. Lychee also makes tasty General Tao's. Facebook page

Where Will You Be Eating The General's Chicken? If you have any suggestions of places, send 'em our way!

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