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Chicken needs no introduction -- especially jerk chicken, a spiced up bird that tastes so good it makes you want to slap 'yo mama. We scoured the city for the Caribbean spots that served up the best island preparation of T-Rex's closest living relative. The following is an unranked list. Please holler at us w/ your recommendations.

Seasoned Dreams

Chef Jae-Anthony heads up this catering company famous for its jerk chicken poutine (pictured). Seasoned Dreams also prepares marvellous oxtail, seasoned lobster and shrimp, and a wide range of traditional Caribbean curry dishes. Although Seasoned Dreams doesn't have a storefront, they can be found at many of Montreal's hottest events w/ their food cart.

More Pics: Oxtail, Jerk Poutine, Jerk Burgers w/ Blue Cheese and Slaw

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Mango Bay

1202 rue Bishop
Mango Bay is one of Montreal's premier Caribbean spots. Their jerk chicken (pictured), is a succulent and spicy delight. Classic dishes here like goat curry, fried plantains, oxtail stew, and sweet potato pudding are as good or better than anywhere in the city.

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Boom J's Cuisine

2026 Wellington St.
This little Caribbean take out is something to shout about. They serve all the favorites like goat curry, roti, jerk chicken, fried chicken, oxtail stew, beef patties, fried plantains, and ackee fish. Boom J's also features some rarer items like pineapple chicken, red snapper, and kingfish. The oxtail is moist and tender, falling off the bone. The jerk chicken is authentic and spicy.

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Jardin du Cari

5554 St. Laurent
Jardin du Cari has fabulous chickpea rolls, pumpkin curry, chapatis, and potato roti. The owner is exceptionally nice and friendly. Jardin also serves peanut butter milk! Like chocolate milk, but w/ peanut butter! -- it is delicious.

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Cuisine Caraïbe Delite

4816, Avenue du Parc
This mom-and-pop Caribbean food shop is run by a husband and wife from Guyana. This small resto makes some of the best roti w/ hot sauce and pumpkin. Pholourie (deep fried split pea flour) is a great choice too.

Caribbean Restaurant Montreal

5155 De Maisonneuve Boul W
Don't be fooled by the name! The food here is creative and delicious. There's lots of good dishes here, the Ital Stew, Jah-Jah veggie platter, dirty rice, roti and fishcakes! The fishcakes are some of the best I've experienced. At $3.50 for 3 fishcakes, these are a veritable steal.

Island Pride

6803 Fielding avenue (N.D.G), Montreal
Island Pride serves up Caribbean favorites like jerk chicken, oxtail stew, etc., at unbeatable prices. If you're in NDG, this is must eat. Check out how they meme'd their food, I like it.

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Tropical Paradise

5208 Decarie Boulevard
This hidden gem is a smash hit w/ the locals. It's no surprise given their amazing jerk chicken, spectacular curry chicken, and huge "doubles" options. All the fix-ins (chick peas, chicken, shrimp, and goat doubles) are very perfectly seasoned and priced to fly!

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1743 rue St. Denis
And after all, this place is wonderful. Oasis is a 'ma and 'pa style resto featuring a short menu. The menu, though short, is loaded with great dishes of all sizes. The roti is tasty and terrifically spicy, made w/ sauce from scotch bonnet peppers. The jerk chicken plate w/ fried plantains is a can't miss.

Caribbean Curry House

6892 Victoria Avenue
The spicy, zesty, hot, and tangy jerk chicken at the Curry House can't be beat. The litmus test for Caribbean food has always been Jerk Chicken, Oxtail Stew, Ackee, and fried plantains. All of these items are fabulous at Curry House, evinced by the crowd of regulars always wolfing down some chicken. If you're a vegetarian there are many good options too. Most meals less than $12.

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Anancy Restaurant

6587 Somerled Avenue
Anancy makes delicious chicken and pork roti, served up in generous sizes. The roti skin is tender, and the curry is well balanced. The chicken roti is a generous size, tender, curry flavored morsels mingled with the potato and the tender roti skin. A speciality here is jerk pork, which is spicy, smokey, sweet, and fork tender.

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Mr. Pattie

5312 Patricia Ave.
Mr. Pattie, the self-proclaimed Jamaican pattie kings, is an oft-overlooked spot, due in large part to its location. Mr. Pattie is definitely worth the trip. The staff is very sweet, and the patties are piping hot! The roties have some really delicious curried filling w/ chicken, beef or goat. Only available Saturdays, the jerk chicken and jerk pork are show stoppers. Hence this being the last entry in this Best Of. Their jerk is incredibly flavorful and prepared in a drier marinade than most places use. This makes a jerk coating that seriously sticks to the tender meat. -- You can (and should) buy it by the pound.

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