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If there's one thing we all love, is kissing. I bet you can still remember your best kiss. Or the feeling of kissing the person you've always wanted to kiss for the first time. The accelerated heartbeat, the approach and the so expected moment.

Everything makes part of the perfect scenario. That's why Montreal is certainly a great city to do a lot of kissing. We have the perfect environment for romance and to kiss, kiss, kiss. 

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Parc La Fontaine

Certainly one of the most romantic spots in The Plateau. A relaxing place to walk a bit and kiss by the trees.

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Parc  Maisonneuve

The nicely groomed lawns and clumps of trees in the Maisonneuve Park are the perfect spot for a picnic. Not only for a picnic, but also for a lot of kissing. 

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Old Montreal

The European look of Old Montreal is definitely romantic. Place Jacques Cartier is a very good spot. Usually there are musicians playing for free, so it's a good idea to have a seat, enjoy some good music and kiss.

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Old Port

Everything in the Old Port inspires kissing. Specially walking alongside the Saint-Laurent River, while looking at the Clock Tower.  Completely cinematographic.

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Parc Jean-Drapeau

Besides the amazing view to the Saint-Laurent River, you can sit by the docks and enjoy the beautiful view. The Jacques-Cartier Bridge will be the perfect scenario for your kiss.

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Place des Arts

The artistic atmosphere at Place des Arts is perfect if you both enjoy good music, movies and culture. There is always something to do and see. Always a good picture. Always a very good kiss.

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Lachine Canal

The perfect place to ride a bike together, eat some ice cream and kiss by the river. Playful and fun, this is a very good opportunity to also be romantic.

Photo cred - @mokol86

Beaver Lake

A peaceful and beautiful place to walk holding hands, admire the nature (even see squirrels) and kiss a shy, loving kiss.

Photo cred - @michedew

Mount Royal Lookout

This is where you can see the almost the whole city. A magnificent viewpoint. So beautiful! It's one of the best places to go and kiss on the mountain.

Photo cred - @lavanyaks

Parc Angrignon

A walk by the water and the sound of birds singing sounds familiar, right? You've seen it before in movies. You can also be in the same scenario at Angrignon Park. One of the most romantic spots to kiss, kiss and kiss.

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