Hey, you know how everyone jokes that "pizza is bae" or "pizza is better than a relationship" or "all I need in this life of sin is me and my extra cheese, thin crust slab of pizza"? Haha, yeah. Those aren't jokes. They're facts.

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Luckily, Montreal knows how to do pizza so, so right. There are tons of different sorts of pizza in the city, but one of the best kinds you can get? A nice plate of doughy, gooey, delicious authentic Italian pizza, preferably straight from a wood-burning oven.

Although there are a whole bunch of pizza restaurants in Montreal for an authentic slice, a select few really stand out from the bunch. 

Sapori Di Napoli

Piazza Del Sogno


Un Autre Restaurant



Il Focolaio 


La Bella Italiana


16 Rue Maguire

If you're looking for a spot to nosh on some of the tastiest pizza you can find, then look no further. Located in Montreal's Plateau, Magpie is incredibly popular among pizza lovers - and one taste of their crisp, fluffy, delicious pies will tell you exactly why.


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