Montreal is filled to the brim with tea shops, and we love it! Whether you want to buy loose tea or have a relaxing time with freshly brewed tea, this list has what you need. Here is an unranked collection of some of the best tea shops in Montreal. As always with lists like this, we’ve definitely missed some. If we’ve missed your favorite tea spot, let us know!

Ming Tao Xuan

451 rue St-Sulpice
Ming Tao Xuan is a leader in the Montreal tearoom world. This is a beautiful and quiet location where you’ll find an extensive variety of teas, gorgeous clay and porcelain tea sets, and an overall excellent tea service. Tea can be enjoyed in house or taken to go. Prices range from $14-30 per/100g.

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D’un Thé a L’autre

1155 rue Metcalfe
This new tea shop is a rising star in the Montreal tea world. The tea is fresh and amazing, served up in store via plain brew, latte, or smoothie. You can buy loose tea in quantity of 50g+. Great selection of tea blends: green teas, rooibos teas, black teas, white teas and healthy herbal teas. Pure ingredients like (for example) organic rooibos, organic honeybush, cinnamon, carrot pieces, nuts, dry raisins, and coconut make up the teas.

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Thé Kiosque

1428 Mackay
This great tea spot features a wide selection of regular and herbal teas, and good cookies and cakes as well! Matcha lattes and lavender lattes are to die for. Thé Kiosque is a great place for some quiet-ish study time. Friendly service, tea can be enjoyed in the store or taken loose to go!

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David’s Tea

Multiple Locations
Just because David’s Tea is now like the Google of teashops doesn’t mean they don’t have fantastic tea, because they do. You can have the excellently “branded” teas made into a latte w/ soy or regular milk in the store, and take some home as well. Personal favorites are all the chai and earl grey blends, as well as the Forever Nuts/Noix Magiques.

Nos Thés & Cafés

Multiple Locations
Nos Thés has made its name on amazing bubble tea, but has so much more! Bubble tea here is made from tealeaves, not powder! Specialty foods like popcorn chicken and a Taiwanese sausage dish make this tea house/café unique. Most teas here can be ordered hot, cold, as a latte, or as a bubble tea. All the options are great, but a crowd favorite is the blend of Formosa Oolong and Kukicha with a mixture of regular and tiny bubbles.

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La Maison du Macaron

4479 rue de La Roche
As the name suggests, this place harbors some seriously beautiful and tasty macaroons. The selection of flavors is immense and decadent. Some favorites include vanilla, hazelnut, salted caramel, and pistachio, and a new one is added each month. The tea room is a welcoming light and open area, stylish and unpretentious -- the perfect environment for a minimalist delight like their pastries. With a great selection of herbal and regular teas as well, La Maison is a frontrunner in the Montreal tea world.

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Mamie Clafoutis

3660 rue St. Denis
This coffee & tea/bakery spot has some of the best baked goods in Montreal. Whether it’s a pistachio and chocolate croissant, a chocolatine, canelés, apple turnovers, or any other baked delight, Mamie Clafoutis is the cream of the crop. Also delicious sandwiches and breads like olive fugasse! Everyone raves about the house iced tea, so I feel comfortable adding Mamie to the list.

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Caesar’s Tea

977 rue Ste. Catherine Ouest
Caesar’s Tea is an excellent tea store with custom blends and Unqilo-like branding. Stop by to try samples in the store, the friendly staff are always ready with two house blends and can make others at request. Personal favorite blends here are the Blueberry Pie rooibos, Caesar’s White Secret (w/blueflowers, cinnamon, raspberry, and clove), and Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose.

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3975 rue St. Denis
This is the Montreal branch of the world-renowned Parisian tea artisan, Kusmi. There are an incredible variety of regular teas and herbal teas. The tea can be sampled and enjoyed in the store and purchased loose. The detox blend is light and refreshing and perfect for the summer. If the rain lingers, try some Lapsang Souchong or Genmaicha for smokier, heartier, teas. Kusmi has extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff and has been in the tea business for over 140 years, come see why!

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Camellia Sinensis Teahouse

351 rue Emery
Camellia Sinensis has some of the best and most unique tea available in Montreal because the owners travel the world to find good and rare teas. This results in an amazing variety and quality of teas. The staff is knowledgeable and extremely courteous. No cell phones or laptops allowed. But you’re not there for Wi-Fi; you’re there to try some of their 200+ teas from India, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Gyokuru Shuim, from Japan is $10 a pot and a great choice to enjoy with some matcha cheesecake, a scone, or chocolate fig cakes! Russian tea service is $6 and on Wednesday.

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Marie Thé

5009 Ave. du Parc
Although Marie Thé is very small, with only three tables for in-house tea enjoyment, it houses from very rare and lovely teas. The staff is very personable and knowledgeable about his teas, their origins, and can tailor tea blends to your mood/preference. Marie has loose tea, teapots, sandwiches, and dessert items also available for purchase.

Café Expressions

957 Ave. Mont-Royal Est
Café Expressions is a great café for a leisurely tea or some serious studying. The tea selection is large, the food is ideal (Florentine crepes!), Wi-Fi is stable, and the seating is comfortable. Additionally, very friendly service, good background tunes, and appealing small menu items make this café a real gem.

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Nocochi Bistro/Tea House

2156 rue MacKay
Nocochi is a relaxed, quiet, and endearing little café close to the MFA. Teas abound and can be combined with breakfast and lunch menu items like salads, crepes, omelets, sandwiches, and pasta. The staff is very courteous.

Magic Idea

1675 Boul. de Maisonneuve and 30 de Gauchetiere Ouest
Magic Idea is a great spot for bubble tea and they have one pretty unique feature: board games! I know you can’t read this -- since you just fell out of your chair, but board games are really fun to play leisurely while drinking some tea!

Café Myriade

1432 rue Mackay
This bustling café is arguably home to some of Montreal’s best coffee, baked goods, and tea. While coffee may be the main attraction at Café Myriade, a myriad of rare and delicious teas are also their calling card. Come and enjoy a vegan muffin, some Saints’ Donuts, and a good tea, all in a busy but unpretentious environment.

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Gryphon D’Or Tea Room

5968 Monkland St.
Call 24 hours ahead to reserve a place at Gryphon D’Or for a truly authentic high tea experience. For just $20 you get a choice of Celtic tea blends, homemade pastries, cucumber sandwiches, and a litany of other tea time classics. Guinness beef stew and Irish Sticky-Toffee pudding are two all-time great foods. In addition, the Gryphon D’Or offers some of the most flakey and perfect scones imaginable, ideal for slathering with lemon curd, cream, raspberry jam, or peach-and-whiskey marmalade.

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The Ritz-Carlton

1228 Sherbrooke Ouest
Call in advance, pull on that outfit, and walk into afternoon tea like y’all William and Kate. Serving tea since 1912, the Ritz certainly knows a thing or two. Afternoon tea service here comes with full regalia: tea sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, pastries, etc., etc. It’s as beautiful, luxurious, and excessive as you’d imagined, for just $32 per/person.

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Fairmount The Queen Elizabeth

900 Rene Levesque Blvd.
$25 per/person buys you a ticket to the best time machine, a time machine with scones! High tea as they do it in England, served in Le Montréalais Bistro Bar, is the perfect place to overhear gossip about England’s “plum-in-mouths” upper class. Tea is served in English-style china, and the assorted goodies (cakes, sandwiches, pastries) come stacked on tiered platters. Warm scones and cream are, as always, a highlight, as is the extensive tea selection w/ blends like: Buckingham Palace, Pinhead Gunpowder, and Jasmin Dragon Tears. Best to reserve ahead.

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112 Ave. Laurier Est
Espirité is a great little downtown tea haunt! Lots of variety in teas: yellow tea, white, green (unfermented), wulong (partially fermented), black (fermented), Puehr (aged tea), and blooming teas. All of these teas are quality and come from Cha Yuan, a respected importer/distributor in Canada of authentic teas from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, etc. Esprithé also has tasty macaroons and other little dessert items to enjoy!

Cha Noir Tea House

4646 Wellington St., Verdun
Tea is served noon to 9:30 PM every day at this Verdun favorite. Cha Noir is a great hangout in Verdun and a fabulous place to learn more about tea. The décor is a beautiful tableaux created by local artists, with hand painted tables. Over seventy teas are available from all over the world. Bestsellers are Chinese red tea, black teas from India, and aged Chinese Puehr tea. The fan-favorite, however, is the Chai Cha Noir and hot chocolate tea! Cha Noir also offers a veritable canon of delicious dessert cakes, tarts, etc.

Hestia Tea

2235 rue Guy
This little tea shop makes the list for their amazingly friendly and helpful staff, delicious chai lattes, a good section of teas, and café amenities like free Wi-Fi and lots of outlets!

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Les gourmandises de Marie-Antoinette

4317 rue Ontario Est.
This chic tea and baked goods boutique is a great place for tea, pastries, coffee, and small menu items like quiche and goat cheese salad. Extremely friendly service, delicious millefeuille, almond croissant, éclairs, and much more!

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Orienthé Tea Lounge Montreal

4511 rue St. Denis
This tea shop has a few unique features including free Wi-Fi and a hookah lounge component. So if having some shisha while sipping a tea sounds as nice to you as it does to me, I’ll see you soon. Orienthé has lots of loungers and cushions, and a nice outdoor patio to smoke on. Lots of tea, starting at $4.30 a pot. Delicious peach-mango iced tea!

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Duc de Lorraine

5002 Chemin de la Côte-des-neiges
Some say Duc De Lorraine has the best croissants in Montreal. I imagine the legends could be true of this honest and detailed recreation of a French café. Montrealers rave about the quiche, cappuccino, and croissants, above all. But the tea at Duc de Lorraine is nothing to sneeze at. Brewed masterfully and served with fantastic small menu items and pastries, Duc de Lorraine takes its spot on the list.


310 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
A teashop has broken out of the heart of this furniture store, and it’s a beautiful thing! Asiatica has a swathe of regular and herbal teas, blooming teas, and tons of cool and unique tea sets. Teas come with description of their power: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, etc.

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My Cup of Tea

1063 Blvd. Saint-Laurent
A beautiful location, attentive staff, and an impressive array of teas (especially blooming teas) are the hallmarks of My Cup of Tea. My Cup has glass teapots, matcha, and lots of loose tea for sale. The staff is knowledgeable about the teas, offering recommendations of specific teas for specific issues, e.g.: digestion, blood circulation, metabolism, et cetera.

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Le Salon de thé Cardinal

5326 Boul. St-Laurent
Le Salon Cardinal is a lovely little tea room featuring great tea and homemade savory baked goods. Not a traditional fancy tea service, this place offers cozy pots of freshly brewed house blends. The space is very inviting, all wood on the inside with a chandelier, a piano, properly equipped bookshelves, chairs around the balcony, and couches on the floor! The tea menu is of moderate size but unquestionable quality. Rooibos, peppermint, and lavender Earl Grey, are personal favorites. Pair them with a lemon loaf or delicious scones!

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Manga Thé

2011 rue St. Denis
If you’re a francophone this is a great place to come enjoy some tea, bubble tea, and bento boxes, and French Manga!

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Bubble Tea Lounge

1925 Ste. Catherine
This newly reopened tea shop has unique Chinese desserts, fantastic bubble tea, and an extensive and delicious Chinese food menu. The Bubble Lounge has always been innovative with their drinks and dishes. We’re excited to see them back!

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Tisanerie Mandala

3555-A Ontario Est
This delightful little tea shop is a very relaxing place to have a cup of tea. You are encouraged to do some art on the Buddha board and color in the mandalas. Really unique and good selection of teas for in house enjoyment or to go!

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La Maison du Thé Cha Guan

5756 Ave. Monkland
If you’re in the area definitely stop by this little tea shop. This shop features a comprehensive Chinese tea menu and traditional Chinese tea preparation ceremony ($7) with appropriate tea sets. With over eighty varieties of tea: white, green, red, black, flower, and fruit tea among them, you’ll absolutely find something you love. During the ceremony you sit at low tables with cushion seating and there’s one Japanese-style table at the window. The desserts are a hit too, try the green tea cheesecake, or lavender tea white chocolate cheese cake!

La Maison Tricoteé

751 Gilford
This little knitting shop offers its customers a fantastic service by featuring tea and in house knitting space! Lots of yarn and needles for sale/use, plenty of comfortable space to sit down and enjoy some tea and cookies, and a very amenable staff make this one of Montreal’s most adorable and magnificent tea rooms.

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Where will you be sipping tea? Holler at us with your favorites!

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