Montreal is a very diverse city with many thriving populations with West African roots. As a result, we are blessed with some great cuisines from Senegal, Mali, Côte D'Ivoire, Morocco, and elsewhere. Many of the restaurants featuring these foods are in Côte-des-Neiges or Pie-IX, so they don't get as much shine as restos in other places. These less-mentioned gems offer a respite from the greasy "cow and corn syrup" heavy diet of the urban foodscape. This list is unranked, and includes a few restaurants that serve things other than typically West African foods. If you have any suggestions please, please, please, send us your tips on good West African food!

La Khaima

142 Fairmount Avenue Quest
This Mauritanian restaurant stands alone in Montreal. Chef Atigh Ould will welcome you into his cozy, shoes-off, restaurant and serve amazing dishes like Tajine, hot dahl, chicken, vegetarian options, and veal. The chef will regale you with truly fascinating stories of growing up as a Bedouin. The patchwork of tapestries that cover the ceiling complete the feel of this experiential resto. Gluten free options available. Don't miss the hibiscus beverages and popsicles or mint tea and baklava!

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Chez Toto

10827 Boulevard Pie-IX
Chez Toto is a great sit-down Haitian restaurant. Although Haiti is not in West Africa the cuisines influence each other a great deal and share similar roots. Chez Toto serves dishes like: creole crevette, griot banane, accra (fritters)-marinade-banane, Cabrit (goat), assiette creole avec du tassot (fried goat), and fish cooked w/ banana!

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Restaurant L'abidjanaise

6234 Chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges
This Ivorian restaurant is a great place to eat traditional Ivorian food and catch up on International and Premier League soccer games. The best dishes here include braised fish w/ rice, Garba, alloco (fried plantain), grilled fish, braised chicken, choukouya (grilled/pulled meat), kedjenou sauce, and hibiscus tea. Garba is a delicious Ivorian dish of Attiéké (ground manioc) served with couscous, pieces of fried salted tuna, onions, tomatoes and fresh chopped chilies.

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Restaurant Au-Tarot

843 Rosemont Boul.
West African cuisine features lots of cooked rice, and heartier darker grains like millet and sorghum, as well as tubers, fish, and goat. Thus, it doesn't always make for the best photography, but it sure does make for good food! The star dishes here are lamb shank, couscous plates, grilled chicken, and really good pizza! All items available for delivery.

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Au Coin Berbère

73 rue Duluth Est
Bending the "rules" again, here's this Berber/North African restaurant added to our list. The owner/operator is extremely friendly and knowledgable. The vegetable couscous base is balanced and fortified with stewing juices. Lamb shank couscous is equally delicious. Chorba soup to start is a must. The lamb is cooked so well it falls off the bone. Leafy greens are cooked but keep their tensile toughness, the roots and tubers could be bit-chewed but still held together. This place gets packed with locals, so come early!

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Restaurant Chez Khady

850 Decarie Boulevard
Chez Khady offers great, fast, Senegalese food at a very reasonable price, most dishes check it at under $10, including Maafe (fish w/ peanut sauce) and thiebou dienn (fish, rice, and tomato sauce).

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Gracia Afrika

3506 rue Notre Dame Ouest
This upscale African restaurant serves dishes from all over, but many West African specialties too. Chef/owner Bibi prepares great renditions of grilled fish, chicken and peanut sauce, and various preparations of goat.

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Restaurant Tombouctou

6000 Chemin de Cote-des-neiges
This West African gem is a favorite place for great Senegalese and West African dishes like Garba, Maafe, Thiebou Dienn, Gombo, Thiébou yapp (rice w/ meat), and Yassa (chicken or fish marinated w/ spices, onion, garlic, mustard, and lemon juice. This mixture creates a tasty oniony-chickeny sauce served with white rice.

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Restaurant Akwaba

4541 rue Belanger
Restaurant Akwaba is African-Greek fusion -- yep -- you heard it! The chef here worked in Greece for many years before opening up this innovative and tasty resto. Specialties here include: assiette de fruits de mer sauté à l`abidjanaise, acras de morue (cod fritters) and the alloko (fried plantains), Thiéboudienne, and Moussaka (eggplant/potato lasagna-type thing). Choukouya (grilled meat) as beef, or souvlaki style with chicken is also a hit. This experimental BYOW is a must visit!

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Tam Tam D'Afrique

408 Ave du Mont-Royal Est
This restaurant features dishes from all over Africa, but focuses on West African specialties like braised chicken with plantains, and various goat/fish/lamb dishes. This great spot for some inexpensive tasty meat and seasoned rice, and it's open 'till 4AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Mango Bay

1202 rue Bishop
This Caribbean restaurant has exquisite food at excellent prices. The goat curry is succulent, creamy, and rich. Oxtail stew and jerk chicken are also phenomenal dishes. Chicken stew, rice & peas in coconut milk, fried plantains, and quality hamburgers are also hallmarks of this spot.

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Restaurant Hot Africa

4959 Queen Mary
This is a call ahead/delivery spot, because although the food is really good, it does take a while to prepare. This place cooks all the favorites just right, with really good chicken, fish, and goat dishes. The fried plantains are also good.

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What West African Restaurants Did We Miss?

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