Let's face it. These bars don't actually prepare the whiskey on site, and if they did you probably wouldn't want to try it. Unless you're the adventurous type.

So pretty much what makes a great whiskey bar is the atmosphere and the selection. We contacted every whiskey aficionado we knew to ask them what their recommendations were and they did not disappoint.

1. Le Chien Fumant

From the outside, this place doesn't look like much but the vibe is incomparable. Other than the huge selection of whiskeys, they have an insane selection of homemade cured meats to snacks on and some of the friendliest staff you'll ever meet.

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2. Whiskey Cafe

The beauty of this place might not appeal to everyone, especially the non-smokers. But for those who can appreciate that kind of thing, Whiskey Bar features an extensive whiskey library as well as an amazing cigar lounge.

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3. Alice Bar

Named after the statue that welcomes you as you enter, the Alice Bar is in a league of its own. Located in the lobby of the Omni Hotel, this bar is not only great any day of the week, but they hold a special whiskey tasting on Wednesdays where you can enjoy 5 different types of whiskey for only $45.

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4. Ile Noire

If you like selection, this place has got you covered. With over 300 whiskeys including 140 Scotches, you'll have a hard time choosing just one (or 5). Ever wanted to know what a $500 scotch tastes like? You can find out at Ile Noire.

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5. La Distillerie

Featuring some of the coolest and most talented bar tenders in the city, La Distillerie has definitely earned its reputation as one of the best bars in Montreal. Great place to hang out.

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6. Big In Japan

With the amount of time I hear the name of this place, we might as well just bite the bullet and call it "Big in Montreal". In case you were weary of trying out Japanese whiskey, you should know that Japanese single malts have been beating their Scottish counterparts during blind taste tests in recent years.

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7 . N Sur Mackay

This bar is absolutely charming, you'll find all the classics as well as friendly staff, and a fantastic ambiance you'll want to enjoy time and time again with all of your friends.

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8. Burgundy Lion

You'll never be able to choose which whisky to enjoy at this place, luckily you can book a private tasting session for up to 60 people so you can become a connoisseur in your own right.

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