Winter months in Montreal are characterized by cold frigid weather, a lack of sunlight and vitamin D, Christmas stress, and general end-of-year anxiety. It's no wonder, then, that winter is the time when we crave comfort food the most.

The thought of carbs like pasta or rice swimming in cream sauce send me to heaven... or pizza covered in ounces upon ounces of stretchy warm mozzarella cheese... don't even get me started on greasy succulent meat like ribs or roasted chicken. Because "cheat day" is everyday in the winter. How else are you going to put on the winter weight to stay warm?

TL;DR Montreal's best kept secret in ultimate comfort food is contemporary Caribbean spot Seasoned Dreams with two locations, one in Verdun and the other in the Plateau. Scroll down for more info!

That said, a local Montreal spot called Seasoned Dreams, which has made a name for itself in contemporary Caribbean food, is a key restaurant if you're looking to indulge in the ultimate winter comfort food.

One of their signature dishes is Mac-n-Cheese jerk chicken, and it looks phenomenal.

It doesn't stop there, though. The chefs at Seasoned Dreams create all sorts of Caribbean-style twists on the classic Mac-n-Cheese. They also top it with other classic and ultra-comforting Jamaican dishes such a ox-trail stew, plantains, shrimp, lobster, and even Portuguese-style chicken.

Just one look at these photos and I'm actually drooling all over my keyboard.

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If Mac-N-Cheese is not your cup of tea, Seasoned Dreams also makes some incredible Caribbean-style poutine which is sure to warm your soul during the cold months — or any time, really.

And of course, Seasoned Dreams also whips up amazing-looking slow-cooked meat like jerk chicken, short ribs, and Ox tail.

Seasoned Dreams has two locations! One in the heart of Verdun and the other in the central Plateau area on Saint-Laurent. They are open all week!

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Check out their Instagram page HERE and Facebook HERE for more information!

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