Photo cred - Port & Fin

Everyone knows there's only 2 ways to escape winter. You can either save up a bunch of money, ask your boss for some time off and go on vacation somewhere warm and tropical or you can do what I do and just remain in denial for the next few weeks. I'm going to go ahead and choose denial and I will be doing so by fantasizing about getting drunk on a hot summer day.

Drinks are great way to get drunk but there's only one thing better than drinking and that's eating. So why not get wasted while enjoying a cool summer treat?

This is the Cucumber Gin and Tonic Popsicle and it's the best way to stay cool and drunk simultaneously this summer. It was invented by Chelsea from Port & Fin. The best part is all you need is a freezer and some Popsicle molds. And for the truly lazy who don't wanna get Popsicle molds, we have an easy alternative too.

Take 3 cups of tonic, some gin (not as much as you would put in a drink or your pops wont freeze), some lime juice and a cucumber.

Instruction: Seriously, you need instructions for Popsicles? Well ... okay then: Just mix it all up and throw them in a Popsicle mold. If you don't have Popsicle molds you can use Dixie cups or if you want an original twist, make mini gin and tonic ice cubes to throw into your next drink.

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