Italian families take food seriously. Very seriously. I know from personal experience. Midst all the yelling and arguments my zany Italian family may have, we can always agree on how food should taste and be prepared, if nothing else. Elio's Pizzeria, a family owned and operated Italian restaurant just north of Montreal, embodies the Italian family's obsession for food quality, creating pizzas that taste like pizzas should. Put Elios on your to-eat list for The Pizza Season.

For over fifty years Elio's Pizzeria has been making customers happy with their fresh and homemade ingredients. All of the pasta, tomato sauce, and pizza crusts are made in-house, and it shows. The tomato sauce used in Elio's pies is vibrant and slightly sweet, the kind of sweetness only achieved by using ripe tomatoes and a legit cooking process, and not the addition of sugar. Combined with their super thin and crispy crusts, all of Elio's pizzas start of with a near-perfect base.

Visiting the traditional Italian joint, I got to try Elio's arugula-prosciutto pizza. A feast for the eyes and taste buds, the pie features a generous portion of fresh arugula topped with grated Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, a balsamic glaze, and very good quality prosciutto slices. A family sized pizza using a family recipe, this pie is huge but delicious. Needless to say, I finished it all.

The pizza margherita with prosciutto & arugula is simple, but it works really well. A large helping of arugula adds some green freshness throughout the pizza, and helps to balance out the inherent saltiness of the prosciutto and Parmesan. Combined with the fantastic sauce and crust, this basic pizza is a great choice for those that want something straightforward but still very flavourful.

Elio's pizzas are a testament to the traditional cooking methods the restaurant employs, but so is the entire atmosphere of the restaurant. A very cool and welcoming vibe goes through the entire place, and you can tell some of these customers have been coming back for years. Still run by the same family with the same values (the heart and brains behind the operation, Nina and Elio can be found running the show behind the scenes) Elio's Pizzeria serves authentic Italian you will want to try.

Even priests eat at Elios, so it has that holy appeal. Be sure to vote for Elios, or your favourite pizzerias at the Pizza Season Official Website!

For more info on Elio's Pizzeria, LIKE them on Facebook and SURF their page.

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