Eating some custom-made liquid nitrogen-created ice cream no longer requires you to drive off the island, as Delicha, Quebec's first liquid nitrogen ice cream bar, is opening a crèmerie right here on the island. Delicha's doors are already open at the St. Urbain location, meaning the Montreal ice cream game is now forever changed. .

Delicha, unlike any other crèmerie, utilizes the extreme cold of liquid nitrogen to create an ice cream liquid into a solid in mere seconds. You can then throw in a wide assortment of flavours and toppings to create a an ice cream that is exactly to your liking. We talked about Delicha before, if you're looking for more info.

Montreal's Delicha can be found at 908 Saint-Urbain (map) right near Place d'Armes metro. The store has no set hours right now, but generally stays open 'til 10pm, just so you know.

Find out more about Delicha at the neo-ice cream parlours FB page.

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