Comiccon is a convention that's held in multiple cities worldwide. Being a place where ultimate fandoms can come together to dress up and disguise themself as different characters in comics, shows and video games as well as meet their favourite characters and actors, the event can become pretty intense.

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The event was held on July 6 to July 8, with the more well-known on the guest list being Jason Momoa, Chuck Norris, Pamela Anderson and a few more names or faces you probably know.

In case you missed the event itself, attractions included a celebrity Q&A along with a meet and greet, medieval combat, a gaming zone and tons of cosplay groups, just to name a few.

Some people literally go all out with their costume design, coming up with completely outrageous or incredibly detailed disguises, make up, and costumes that definitely took weeks to put together. To give some recognition to those costumes as well as get a real idea of how intense Comiccon can get, here's a list of some of the best from this year's event:

"IT" the clown.

"Davy Jones" from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Grinch!

Friday the 13th vs. Stranger Things "demagorgon".


Via Alain Dahan

The Mask!

"Joker" (with a very unfortunate Batman head).

Who remembers "Mars Attacks"? 

We all know who Deadpool is.

Via Alain Dahan

Rick! (from the hit cartoon "Rick and Morty").

Who could forget some "Game of Thrones" Cosplay?!

From "The Last Of Us" video game.

@monique_major_embedded via  

Edward Scissorhands! 

Find the official Montreal Comiccon website HERE.




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