I am not a big dessert-lover. But one sweet item I can really get behind is a classic cookie.

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There's something about an ooey and gooey cookie that makes you feel like a little kid again just squealing with doe-eyed wonder (see what I did there) and excitement. Accompanied by a tall glass of chilled 2% milk - say no more, I'm officially in heaven.

Decadent Dough is a Montreal-based business that specializes in gourmet cookies, baked at their home-base with love and care in small batches. 

They offer regular sized cookies or big cookies - which are double the size - and a variety of types to enjoy. For example, Triple Chocolate, Nutella Stuffed, Reese Cups, White Chocolate Chips, and Chocolate Chip Walnut. 

Since you can't just walk up to a storefront to buy there is a minimum quantity to order, but it's only 6 cookies. If you get your friends, roommates, or family in on the order, it's totally worth it. 

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The demand for these amazing looking cookies is so high, the company had to stop accepting orders for the first week of May. But they will be open for orders starting again mid-May. 

For more information on how to order, visit their Facebook page HERE!

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