You, like many Montrealers, are probably a Habs fan. It's not like you have much of a choice, the Habs are awesome. Actually, they're so awesome that Habs fans fill the Bell Center even when we're not playing a home game. Even if you hate sports and tried to resist, you undoubtedly were lured in by the playoff band wagon. And if you weren't, there is still plenty of room in the wagon!

Now, for all serious fans, you may have a Montreal Canadiens hat or even a t-shirt, but you're not a die-hard Habs fan until until your food is Habs themed.

Behold the ultimate Habs Fan Burger!

It's ... it's beautiful *sniff*. Not, only that, it's amazingly simple. And for those who just can't figure out how to make these on your own using the picture as a reference, here's a very sophisticated step by step guide to help you.

First grab some burger buns, ground beef, some cheese slices (white) and some ketchup (purple) ... (okay fine, red). Now spend 20 minutes trying to find something to watch on Netflix in the background.

Next, prepare all your favourite burger toppings. These can include pickles, onions, bacon, pizza, yogurt, smaller decorative burgers, unicorn steaks and my personal favourite: pop-tarts.

Now once your burgers have been cooked (try using fire, that usually works) take a slice of cheese and one of those sharp, slicy, knife things and cut out a Habs logo. If you suck at drawing, try tracing the design on the piece of cheese first, permanent markers work well - but then your cheese will smell like shit. Now that it's cut, simply add your ketchup trim. Assemble your burger in any order you want, (expect for the pop-tarts, those always go on the bottom) then take a picture of it, post it on Instagram and eat it later once it's all cold and gross. #GoHabsGo!

Be sure to show us your burger creations. Tag your burger pics #MTLBlog

Here's one with avocado and cheddar cheese!

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