Oh food festivals, Montreal can't get enough of them. Not only do you get to enjoy a Summer day outside at an event full of activities and of course, food and drinks, you get an event that is totally versatile and fun for everyone who attends.

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One of the best food festivals this Summer is the free Caribbean food fest going on this weekend. But after stuffing your face all day long, what better way to stay refreshed and hydrated than with a glass (or two) of ice cold beer? Luckily, you're totally covered.

A giant beer festival is in Laval this entire weekend, and you're going to want to head over there ASAP. With over 40 microbreweries at the event and more than 400 beers to try, it's safe to say this sounds like the best festival ever.

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The beer festival begins tomorrow at 1:00PM, and runs until it's last day on Sunday. The festival opens at 11:00AM on the weekend, so you'll want to wake up bright and early to make sure you're the first in line to taste all the drinks being offered. Tickets are only $7 per day, and with beer samples being as little as $2 you'll definitely be getting your moneys worth. The festival right outside of Montreal, so there's no reason to not spend your weekend endulging in ice cold ale!

Not only will you find beer, but you can also expect to see dozen of food trucks on site, as well as an ample amount of cider and spirits to go around. There's also non-stop live music, so you'll finally be given the opportunity to show off your drunk dancing. This festival is truly a dream come true!

The view the full program and event times you can checkout the Festival des bières website HERE.

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