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There's no shortage of alcoholic Popsicle out there, but more of them are just regular Popsicles with alcohol added (how original). But what if the main ingredient was an alcoholic beverage, what if the base for these Popsicle was made of wine? And what's the best thing you can make with wine? Sangria of course!

Finally a Popsicle for people who are purposely trying to get drunk on dessert, and these babies pack quite the punch. Just make sure you don't let your guests have too many because you don't want your drunk friend getting pulled over and asked how many drink they've had. They'll say none, and they'd be telling the truth but that will only confuse and infuriate the police officer.

So if you think you're ready to handle that kind of responsibility here's everything you'll need to make your own Raspberry Lime Sangria Popsicle.

1/4 Cup Brandy - 1/4 Cup Fresh Lime Juice - 1/2 Cup Agave Nectar (or you could use sugar) - 1/2 Cup Fresh Raspberries - Lime Slices - 1 Bottle Rosé Wine.

Mix it all up and freeze overnight (takes longer because there's so much booze in them)


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