When you think of donuts you're probably picturing a delicious pastry that would go well with milk or coffee. Well get ready to have your donut expectations shattered with this savory Cheetos crusted mac 'n' cheese donuts created by our old pal The Vulgar Chef.

Of course you can always eat these with milk and coffee, I'm a blogger not a cop. Plus you're old enough to make your own decisions by now. Whatever your choice is, you can't start eating them until you figure out how to make them so here's everything you'll need to make your own Cheetos crusted mac 'n' cheese donuts.

Whip up some Kraft mac 'n' cheese real quick and grab yourself a few bowls. Use the bowl to form your mac 'n' cheese into a loop or a ring and freeze them for 3-4 hours.

Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and dip the frozen mac 'n' cheese rings, then dip them into a bowl of crushed Cheetos. Repeat the process twice and deep fry at the lowest setting on your fryer. Pull them out before they burn but be careful because they'll burn very quickly.

Check out the Vulgar Chef's Website for a more detailed and much more vulgar version of this recipe

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