What kind of mad food sorcerer came up with this unholy culinary creation?

Whoever they are, I want to buy them a beer as soon as possible. It's exact what it sounds like, waffles made entirely of macaroni and cheese.

Can you imagine combining these with some fried chicken? I wouldn't try it if I were you, the world is likely to implode from an overload of awesomeness. (Planet earth can only support a finite amount of awesomeness)

In the end, it's not my responsibility to preach, it is however my responsibility to teach you how to make these bad boys.

Photo cred - Imgur

Here's what you need:

  • A waffle maker
  • 2 cups of macaroni
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • Quarter cup of flour
  • 2.5 cups of milk
  • Half a tea spoon of salt
  • Half a teaspon of pepper
  • 4 cups of cheese (grated)


Boil the macaroni -  In a saucepan: melt the butter - Add the flour (keep stirring) -  Add 1 cup of milk - Whisk - Add the rest of the milk -  Whisk - Once the sauce thickens, remove from heat - Add salt, pepper and 2 cups of cheese - Mix sauce with drained pasta - Spread onto baking sheet - Cover it and refrigerate overnight - Cut out squares roughly the size of your waffle maker (Photo used a strip waffles) - Sprinkle grated cheese on bottom (wait until it melts) - Add the mac and cheese - Sprinkle more grated cheese and cook until the waffle is crispy and golden.

Photo cred - Imgur

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