When it comes to breakfast, everything is made superior with the addition of bacon. Even Pop Tarts. The notion of throwing on a few strips of bacon to a Pop Tart may disgust (or utterly please) you, but a man can't deny deliciousness, and it looks like Kellog's knows what's up with bacon, and maple syrup too.

That's right, everyone's beloved toaster-breakfast-dessert is going full Canadian with their latest flavour: Maple Bacon Pop Tarts.

Unveiled as one of the five new limited edition Pop Tarts flavours (and confirmed by the official Pop Tarts Twitter account) to be sold in stores from mid-December to spring 2016, Maple Bacon isn't close to being the zaniest on the new flavour-list, but it's definitely the one we're most excited about.

Stuffed with a gooey maple-bacon filling, and inside the classic golden crust you know and love, the soon-to-release Maple Bacon Pop Tart will also feature tiny little bacon "crunchlets" on top of the icing, which are said to have a salty-smoky flavour. Overall, sounds good to us.

The other Pop Tarts flavours to be launched include:

  • Chocolatey Caramel: What is sounds like; a choclate crust filled with caramel and topped with choclate chunks and a caramel icing.
  • Frosted Watermelon: What the what, watermelon? You heard right, this Pop Tart with a sweet watermelon-y filling with vibrant icing will be a taste of summer in the dead of winter.
  • Frosted Spring Strawberry: Basically strawberry, but with cute cartoon drawings on each Pop Tart.
  • Pink Lemonade: Yet another strangely summer-esque addition. To feature a lemon filling topped with pink frosting and crunchy (and coloured) sprinkles.

Of the five flavours, three are expected to be in stores by mid-December, with the other two launched later in the year, likely by spring. Hopefully those later-flavours are the watermelon and pink lemonade ones, because, well, not only do they sound kinda strange, they definitely don't work with winter, at least thematically.

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